beautiful day

beautiful day

Today was absolutely gorgeous. Temperature in the low 80’s, sun shining, a light breeze. I ate lunch on my porch and just relaxed…

Last Saturday was Lewis and Ebony’s first birthday! :-D Happy birthday to them. Happy birthday also to Ann, whose birthday was also last Saturday. Monday marked 3 years and 6 months since Paul and I started dating. And today is Beth’s birthday. So many special days! :-)

I miss Beth. I hope I get to talk to her today!

I had a really good weekend with my family in Orlando. Didn’t have any problems getting gas, and I even found it really low in Orlando! $2.67! My kitties seemed to enjoy the trip, but I think they enjoyed the destination better. :-) I will look forward to the day when I don’t have to make long drives by myself as much anymore.

So much to say, but I am distracted by Gilmore Girls which is coming on soon!

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