Ebony and Charcoal

Ebony and Charcoal

I’m changing Lewis’ name to Charcoal on the account of his new coloring.

It’s never bored around here, is it? Let me start at the beginning. On Sunday my air conditioning decides to die – again. Hasn’t it died twice already, you say? Why yes, yes it has. So this was time #3. But fortunately I had bought a fan on Saturday (not anticipating my air conditioning dying) so it was okay.

Monday they came to fix my air conditioning. Monday evening, I noticed that my whole apartment was covered with ash. I didn’t know what it was at the time, but it infuriated me. I had to throw away my toothbrush, and throw my sheets and towels in the wash (which is annoying when one doesn’t have a washing machine). The annoying thing is that it doesn’t come off easily – I’m going to have to find some kind of cleaning solution that will clean this.

I was debating about whether I should go complain or not, when I noticed that Lewis’ normally white feet and tummy were all black. This concerned me – I didn’t know what this black stuff was, and maybe it was toxic. So I went to the office and they had their maintenance man come check it out. He told me it was ash from the torch (maybe a blowtorch?), and it blew everywhere when the air conditioning came on.

So anyone have any advice for cleaning up ash? It won’t blow off, or wipe up with a sponge. And anyone know if I should be concerned that it’s all over the cats? Should I get them professionally groomed/cleaned?

Paul says (in all seriousness), “Why don’t you just give Lewis a bath?” Anyone who’s had a cat will immediately note the ridiculousness of this statement. I had to crack up. Besides it doesn’t come off with water (I should know, I have it all over me). Ah such is life in the grownup world. I miss parents who would take care of all this.

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