changes ahead

changes ahead

It’s my last night in Orlando. I am standing in my empty room, looking around and realizing how not ready I am to leave. I have been half-packing all this week, and I still feel like my things are sitting around in little piles all over the house.

My 2L roomies came last Wednesday and left tonight. It was really nice having them here, but I was so distracted by packing. Thursday we hung out at Cocoa Beach, which I enjoyed even though I got a really bad sunburn. My back is starting to blister now. :-( We spent the other two days shopping and visiting Orlando spots. And I was not packing even though I had some time. Now I wish I had been packing but I can’t get motivated for this, for some reason.

It will be a few days (or weeks) before I’ll be able to post again, and hopefully I’ll have an apartment by then and will be somewhat settled in. That’s what I hope at least. :-) In the meantime, feel free to email me or call me in the evenings.

Oh and tonight is the beginning of daylight savings time, which means that we’re going to get one less hour of sleep. This is so weird for me; I haven’t been on Daylight Savings Time since I was in 2nd grade with the exception of 7th grade (furlough). Well I guess everything is an adventure for the first time so here I go. :-)

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