i'm moving to atlanta!!

i'm moving to atlanta!!

My interview on Monday morning went really well. I arrived early and met with three of the “VIP” office staff. They talked to me for three hours, and seemed to really like me. They kept saying that they thought I would be a good fit with their office. They were impressed with my experiences working in a print shop and with my personality. I really liked a lot of aspects of the company: they seemed to be very close, doing fun things like having a paint day at the office (painting the walls) and doing volunteer projects together. They are also more professional than where I worked this past summer, for which I’m glad.

Today I received an offer letter, which I am accepting and I’m excited! I start April 5th, two weeks from today. There are a lot of things I need to do before then. I have to quit the job I have now (yay!), read up on Quark and try to learn all the shortcuts, find an apartment and/or a roommate (perhaps), buy a car, find somewhere to stay until I get paid and can afford an apartment, etc. etc.

My head is whirling! I am terrified – I’m scared I’m going to let them down because this is my first real job and I’m certainly no expert. I’m scared to move to a new city even though in a lot of ways it is returning “home”. I’m scared to be on my own for the first time, worrying about monthly bills and things like that. I’m scared because I have a job in Atlanta and Paul has a job in Providence and so the long distance relationship continues…

I’m excited though, too. This company seems really great, and I know I’ll be able to learn a lot and move up in my career. I am thrilled to return to Atlanta, heart of the south, the only home I’ve ever wanted. Maybe I’ll get a southern accent! I’ll have to work on that. I’m excited to be only a day from Taylor so I can come up more easily for things like my graduation (May 21st), Frankie and Anna’s wedding (July 2nd), and seeing Beth’s newborn baby (sometime in July). I’m excited to be moving to my own place where I can use my new pots and pans that have been waiting for me since December, decorating an apartment (a designer’s playground!), and being able to offer my place to anyone who needs somewhere to stay. I’m also excited to get a new car, one that’s all my own – I hope I can find something nice and affordable.

So yeah. :-) I’m excited! :-D

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