agree in haste, repent in leisure

agree in haste, repent in leisure

Sometimes it’s good to take time to think about decisions. Sometimes when you do that, the opportunity passes you by. How’s a girl to know when to stop and think and when to take action?

I got a call today from a company I interviewed with on Monday that finds jobs for freelance graphic designers. They told me that a company needs immediate help with a project right now, doing mostly monotonous stuff with Adobe programs. They need someone starting tomorrow. Am I interested? They have two shifts, 9am-6pm and 3pm-midnight. It’s only for a week. Oh, you can’t work tomorrow morning or Sunday morning? Why don’t you take the second shift then. Okay. Do you mind working 9 or 10 hour shifts?

I’m so bad at thinking. I wanted to say, “Let me ask my mom and let you know.” But what college graduate needs to go ask their mom? I knew I didn’t have anything planned. So I said yes.

Now, I am scared. 10 hour shift? That’s a long shift. I haven’t been in a schedule since mid-December. I’m not desperate for the money yet. I will probably be so exhausted that I won’t even have the energy to job search during the mornings. But they called and asked, and at the time I couldn’t think of any reason not to except for maybe laziness. There are also some unknowns – what kind of work environment is this? I know it’s casual – they said wear jeans. I think she told me how much it paid, but I can’t for the life of me think of what it was. I feel apprehension about this opportunity, but I keep telling myself it’s only a week.

In other news, I made dinner tonight – chicken pot pie. Then I proceeded to eat alone. My sister has water polo, my dad has choir, and my mom is at work. I was sad. Stupid things scheduled during dinner. No wonder we never eat together. After spending an hour and a half making this dinner, I decided that it was not worth it. (This is why I will never be a cook.) I think I will try smaller, simpler things that take less time and maybe things i can share with my cats so I don’t have to eat alone.

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