arts festival

arts festival

Today was an exciting day! First, my family and I went to Saint Andrew’s Chapel in Sanford. R.C. Sproul is the pastor there, and he is one of my mom’s theological heroes. He has written many books and is the founder of Ligonier Ministries, which produces Christian education materials. The service was very formal, but it was good and the church was beautiful.

Afterwards, we all went to the Mount Dora Arts Festival where they had 285 artists from all the around the States – and even a few from Canada! – display there works. Everything was for sale, and there were live perfomances as well as street performers. I enjoyed myself immensely, walking through all the booths and taking in the incredible beauty all around. There were all different kidns of medium – photography, painting, drawing, sculpture, glasswork, jewelry, etc. One of my favorites were paintings that were all cats. I was fascinated… and wanted to buy them all. :-) I found one exquisite one of two Siamese cats that reminded me so much of my own Koko and Yum Yum. I also fell in love with several of the pottery booths they had there, especially one called Palms Up Pottery. They had a lot of neat Florida-style, with beautiful aqua greens and blues and sand colors. I really liked it. My favorite was a Calla Lily Vase; I liked the fun animal pieces too.

I was enjoying every minute of the art festival until my aunt decided to leave. And when my aunt decides she wants something, she is rude and persistant until she gets it. So I ended up skipping the very end of it (sadness :-() so we could go… I got to see most of it though, so that was happy. I think I will try to attend these festivals more often. I think they might help me make some contacts. I didn’t see any graphic designers at this one, but you never know who you’re going to meet. :-) And I was armed with business cards and portfolios – just in case!

I was exhausted when we got home. I watched the commercials of the superbowl and tried to focus on preparing for my interviews tomorrow and Tuesday. It was a nice relaxing evening, but I’m really scared for the interview! :-( I should work on preparing for that, so I’ll sign off for now!

(BTW – Jo-Jo, we saw your parents at the art festival. :-) Well I didn’t, but the rest of my family did!)

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