Okay, folks. It’s kinda long but it took me forever so you better appreciate it. ;-) (Nichole: this is for you.)

Ten random things about me
1. my favorite seafood is shark
2. i love to make brownies
3. stability in life is very important to me
4. i watched my cat give birth
5. when i was younger, my dream was to be an author
6. i don’t like any kind of melon
7. i have an obsession with M*A*S*H right now
8. i love to read
9. i collect keychains from places around the world
10. i am easily distracted

Nine places I’ve visited (but have never lived)
1. Huntington Beach, California
2. Houston, Texas
3. Tallahassee, Florida
4. Mérida, México
5. Cusco, Perú
6. Dayton, Ohio
7. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
8. Washington D.C.
9. Volcan Irazú, Costa Rica

Eight things I want to do before I die
1. visit Greece
2. find a place to call home
3. mentor a young girl
4. get married
5. teach an art history class
6. own a lot of books
7. have my hair braided in many tiny braids
8. on the same day see the sunrise on the east coast of florida and the sunset on the west coast of florida

Seven ways to win my heart
1. give me gifts
2. play with my hair
3. open doors for me
4. be a servant – even if it does nothing to benefit yourself
5. listen to my ramblings and look like you enjoy it
6. don’t be afraid to call me on things
7. be comfortable around me

Six things I believe in
1. an Almighty God who loves us
2. Jesus’ death and resurrection
3. spiritual warfare on earth
4. the power of love
5. a literal six day creation
6. miracles happening in our everyday lives

Five things I am afraid of
1. the ocean
2. the unknown
3. lightning
4. men wanting to mug me
5. being alone

Four favorite things in my bedroom
1. my pets – Zeke, Lewis, and Ebony
2. my computer
3. scrapbooks and photo albums
4. Natalie, a doll I’ve had almost my whole life

Three things I do everyday
1. check my email
2. feed the animals
3. talk to Paul on the phone

Two things I am trying not to do right now
1. slouch, because my back aches
2. have a pity party for myself

One person I want to see right now
1. oh this is a given… I miss you, Paul

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