power tools are fun

power tools are fun

In my 3D design class, we’re learning about the woodshop, and we’re making figures out of masonite board. I have spent yesterday and today playing with the power tools, cutting out my pieces that will eventually fit together to make a nice little person.

Power tools are fun. They are also tiring. I finished around 8:30 tonight and I came back to my apartment absolutely exhausted. I took a long shower to wash all the sawdust off of me. I feel as if I just worked hard labor all day, but in reality it was only a few hours. Maybe it’s the vibration of the hand saw, and the force I was using to keep the board from jerking around.

My figure’s coming together, but I doubt I will be ready to hand it in on Monday. I’m hoping she gives us an extension, because unless everyone else in the class is hiding their half-finished or finished figures, not many people will be ready. We’ll see; she should tell us in class tomorrow if she’s going to give us an extension or not. We just learned how to use the power tools yesterday, so we didn’t have much time to work on this.

This week has been full of interesting things that I haven’t blogged about. I had an art history presentation last Tuesday on the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Spain, which went well although I took twice the amount of time allowed. I was excited about it at least. :-) Yesterday we had our once-a-semester hearings for traffic court, and so I listened to people appeal tickets for an hour and a half. That was fun, and I’m sad that I don’t get to do it next semester as well. I’ve been working hard also this week designing the library newsletter, which I’m excited about (will post a link when it’s done).

Paul proposed six months ago today. I never thought I would be where I am today. I never wanted it either. Still don’t. *sigh* Life is funny sometimes. I need to try harder not to be cynical towards other peoples’ engagements.

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