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In honor of thanksgiving, here are a few things I am thankful for:

- extended family who took me in for the holidays
- being able to listen to music
- animals (especially cats!)
- the use of a vehicle while I’m living off-campus
- scarves, hats, and mittens to block the Upland wind!
- AIM – to keep in touch with faraway friends
- my roommates here in Fairlane, especially Sara
- being able to curl up with a good book
- hot drinks on a cold day
- phone calls from those who are far away
- finding that perfect gift for my friends
- the ability and knowledge to write so I can record my thoughts
- it’s exactly a month before Christmas!

hello from pittsburgH

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Well here I am… at my great aunt and uncle’s house right outside of Pittsburgh, PA (which, I have learned is spelled PittsburgH… when I was in first grade I remember writing in my journal that we were going to visit “Pittsbird” hehe). It’s been eight years since I was last here, which is a long time considering that I used to come here a lot. I was telling Crystal (who drove me here) that I feel as if I’m on my third life. In my first life, I lived in the States and we visited Taylor and Pittsburgh quite frequently. Then in my second life I lived in South America and ate peruvian food and spoke spanish. Now, in my third life, I live in Indiana and my parents live in Florida and I’m trying to figure out where home is.

It’s good to be on break. And be with relatives who I haven’t seen in forever. My Uncle Dick is actually my mom’s mom’s brother so he’s my great uncle. They’re nice and grandparenty to me, which is nice because I think we all need that. My aunt is taking me shopping which is always fun and I get so tired of shopping alone.

I slept till noon today. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I have been sleeping in really late all the time recently, sleeping through important things like church and class and work (quite accidentally). Maybe my body just wants more sleep.

I’ll write more later. :-)


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Yesterday my roommates and I went to the beautiful wedding of Amy, a CGA major who graduated from Taylor last May. She married her guy of 11 years, Wiley. It was a beautiful wedding and I had a really good time. The cool thing was that my roommate Kezia has a camera so I was able to get pictures!

we’re so sexy…. 2L residents: Sara, me, Krista, and Kezia

Sara, Kezia, me, Krista

Kerri, Kezia, Krista, Amy, Sara, and me

the happy couple

power tools are fun

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In my 3D design class, we’re learning about the woodshop, and we’re making figures out of masonite board. I have spent yesterday and today playing with the power tools, cutting out my pieces that will eventually fit together to make a nice little person.

Power tools are fun. They are also tiring. I finished around 8:30 tonight and I came back to my apartment absolutely exhausted. I took a long shower to wash all the sawdust off of me. I feel as if I just worked hard labor all day, but in reality it was only a few hours. Maybe it’s the vibration of the hand saw, and the force I was using to keep the board from jerking around.

My figure’s coming together, but I doubt I will be ready to hand it in on Monday. I’m hoping she gives us an extension, because unless everyone else in the class is hiding their half-finished or finished figures, not many people will be ready. We’ll see; she should tell us in class tomorrow if she’s going to give us an extension or not. We just learned how to use the power tools yesterday, so we didn’t have much time to work on this.

This week has been full of interesting things that I haven’t blogged about. I had an art history presentation last Tuesday on the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Spain, which went well although I took twice the amount of time allowed. I was excited about it at least. :-) Yesterday we had our once-a-semester hearings for traffic court, and so I listened to people appeal tickets for an hour and a half. That was fun, and I’m sad that I don’t get to do it next semester as well. I’ve been working hard also this week designing the library newsletter, which I’m excited about (will post a link when it’s done).

Paul proposed six months ago today. I never thought I would be where I am today. I never wanted it either. Still don’t. *sigh* Life is funny sometimes. I need to try harder not to be cynical towards other peoples’ engagements.