Go Braves!

Go Braves!

It’s about this time every year when I am once again reminded that ESPN is actually a channel on TV, and that not all sports are bad. I do enjoy watching baseball, and rooting for my team, although I’m not as fanatical as some (ANN!). :-)

Anyways, the Braves won today, 6-5 against the Houston Astros. Yay! I am happy now. They weren’t playing that well at the beginning of the game, but they are famous for coming through in the end. And they didn’t disappoint. I was happy, am still happy.

Today the ride to church was beautiful. The leaves are starting to turn colors, and they are gorgeous. It makes me want to go to the mountains. You haven’t experienced fall until you’ve gone to the mountains, I think. Maybe I’ll get to go for fall break. We’ll see. :-)

So my parents informed me that I’ve gone over my minutes for the month, and so I’m not allowed to use my phone during the day until Thursday. Yuck. The problem is I’m roaming here in Upland so when I go over my minutes, it’s really expensive. I’m scared to see what phone bill I’m going to have. :-( I hate not having a landline. I will never do this again, rely only on my cell phone. Anyone who is planning to go offcampus next year: I highly recommend paying the $15 a month and getting a landline. I wish I had done so.

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