I'm beat

I'm beat

I’m beat.

It’s been a crazy weekend. I hung my show on Thursday evening, and then my parents arrived. Friday I was distracted all day… I’m surprised I actually went to all my classes. I had some little stuff to take care of, including getting a yearbook photo taken – wasn’t planning on that, and I could have looked a little nicer. :-) It’s just my senior year…

My show went really well. I was surprised at how many people came, and it meant so much to me that they all did. I received many compliments which made me a little more relaxed. :-) I felt bad that I didn’t get to spend as much time as I wanted to with people who had traveled distances to see my show, but I was a bit overwhelmed with the number of people there.

Today more people came; namely, friends of my dad’s from when he was a student here at Taylor. It was fun; we walked all around campus and they told us all about when they were Taylor students. I enjoyed seeing them again.

One of the ladies shared a thought with me: “Don’t forget that God opens windows. Don’t spend all your time staring at a closed door so you miss the open window.”

My parents brought with them a 5.1 speaker system for my computer. The speakers I had been using actually belonged to Paul; I stole them about a year ago, and I decided I should give them back… And my brother had an extra set. I really don’t need five speakers, but it is better than none at all. I’m proud of myself for figuring out how to put this thing together; it took a while but I did it!

Yeah so now that my show is done and I’ve done the opening reception, I’m ready to take it down and stop thinking about it. I have three weeks of walking past it on my way to chapel and class. *sigh* And all the little mistakes are bothering me. Are they as obvious to others as they are to me? Why do they have to be up for three weeks? I want to take it down.

Okay bedtime for Ashley. I’m so tired… I’m glad I can sleep in tomorrow. :-)

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