my life is a soap opera

my life is a soap opera

That’s what I’ve decided. It seems that every day, something new happens that twists the whole story around, shocking everyone! Well maybe not to the extreme that soap operas usually are, but in my dramatic imagination they are as extreme as they can get, and everything is oh so wrong or oh so good.

So yeah. Last Saturday afternoon/evening I got a headache and it didn’t go away until yesterday. Yesterday morning I woke up with my head about to declare mutiny. I was throwing up (as usual, with migraines) and finally I went to the health center where I promptly received a shot and took some Imitrex (perscription migraine medicine). I stayed there most of the day, asleep, but when I was awake I kept thinking of my show and the plexiglass that I needed to go order. Finally around 4-ish I left the health center, asked Joanna L. to drive me to Gas City, and ordered more plexiglass. I then spent the rest of the day not thinking about my show, but rather curled up on the comfy couch in the living room, watching TV. :-) I went to bed pretty early for me – about midnight – and slept solidly till 9:30 this morning (AND that was after having Mountain Dew for dinner!), and let me tell you it was wonderful to wake up and not have a headache!

Today I picked up my plexiglass, and it’s exciting to see my show almost done. I also worked at the library – I had a lot to do – and had lunch with Matt. That’s about it. Today is also my dad’s birthday. Tonight, I gotta do my VisGis homework since it was due yesterday and I have barely started. Bad Ashley.

I had a wonderful conversation with Paul on Sunday night (despite the pounding headache) and I really do love being able to talk to him. I’m really able to feel what it’s like to truly love someone with all you have. I don’t think I realized it before. I am praying that things in his life will be resolved soon so that we can once again be able to have a “normal” relationship. He’s heading into a valley right now, so please pray for him.

Well that’s it for my life right now. Will Ashley’s show go up fine, or does more trouble still wait for her? Will Paul be able to break free of the bondage he is facing and once again be able to live his life? Will Ashley be able to stay positive in the hard times and trust God? Please tune in later for the next dramatic episode of “As Ashley’s World Turns…”

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