one week anniversary

one week anniversary

This time last week, we were without power and busy trying to clean up the branches and tree trunks in our yard. Wow, hard to believe that Charley visited us only a week ago yesterday. These past two weeks have seemed like 3 years for me.

Many Florida residents still remain without power, but I think most are getting it back soon. Electrical workers have been working around the clock (yay for electricians!), and many other states have sent their electricians down. It’s funny to see all these trucks that say “Mississippi Power” or something like that on them. Electricians are considered the heros to Floridians like firefighters are heros to New Yorkers.

Otherwise, life continues as normal despite hurricanes. Most schools start again on Monday; my sister goes back on Tuesday. I worked every day last week since we never lost power at the office. Friday was my last day… It seems weird to be done. They threw a little party to “celebrate the passing of our favorite intern”, and everyone signed a goodbye card. I really loved what I did at Creative Printing; it was a good internship. It was difficult at times, but overall a good experience. Now I have to translate all of that into the two papers I have to write. :-p

My brother left to go back to college yesterday, and my parents went up to Atlanta for a family get-together. So I’m here alone with our dog. I’m not used to being alone in the house. It’s kinda like J-term break my sophomore year, when I was one of 5 people on the floor. I have a lot to do this weekend. I need to pack for Taylor, finish two papers to turn in to Taylor to get credit for my internship, finish up the library job, and get up-to-date on lots of little stuff. Unfortunately I don’t really feel like doing any of that. :-)

Well I must be off, getting started on all the things I need to do. Hmm, maybe the Olympics are on…???

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