Spunky is the family dog. She was originally my brother’s dog, but after we had her for a few years we realized that AJ really didn’t care about this dog, and Amy (being a complete dog and animal lover) did. So she was “given” to Amy.

My family has always been an animal-loving family. It’s not just a love for cats for me (and I’m the only one in my family who loves cats), but a love for all animals (hence my love for Zeke). People who grow up with animals tend to understand a love and compassion for animals. Like when I got the frog and it wouldn’t eat, and I was all concerned and had to make an emergency trip to Petsmart. My roommate, Tree totally understood and even lent me her car on the occasion. My boyfriend (now fiancé) Paul didn’t understand. However he is totally willing to humor me in my plans to have a zoo when we’re on our own. In addition to the (at least) two cats, we will also have a few aquariums, hamsters, lizards (I like the Leopard Geckos), small turtles, frogs, ducks, etc.

But I was talking about Spunky. We’ve had her for about 6 1/2 years now… She’s a world-class traveler having flown from Peru to the States in 2001 when we moved here. She loves the States much more… Mostly because we have a yard here and she can run and run and chase geckos and ducks and all sorts of fun stuff. She’s a lot calmer now than she used to be; she used to bark whenever she thought someone might be passing in front of our house. Fortunately she’s doesn’t do that anymore. :-)

It’s taken a good five years for me to warm up to Spunky (being a dog) but it’s not so bad anymore. Not that I’d get a dog any time soon, but I’ll tolerate her. Especially now with my sister gone for the summer, I feel so bad for Spunky; she needs the attention. So I occasionally take her on walks and stuff.

She has this little quirk about her that’s actually quite amusing. We give her dog biscuits throughout the day as a reward for when she does her thing in the yard (rather than the house). She won’t eat the buscuit unless I (or someone else) tries to steal it from her. When we lived in Peru and we had our two Siamese cats, I would call the cats, and as soon as they would sniff the biscuit Spunky would immediately be interested in eating it. I guess she likes the competition.

Well I must go clean the porch in preparation of our visitors next week (!!!). I’m excited because the visitors are my Paul and his siblings. Yay!! :-) I’m also excited because his sister is coming and I can have a girl around to do girly things with. :-) Like… show off my wedding dress… :-)

here’s one of my favorite pictures of Spunky Posted by Hello

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