shop till you drop

shop till you drop

Just because I am putting a new post on my blog doesn’t mean ya’ll are off the hook. You still have to respond to my last post about where home is/what “home” means for you. Thanks to Frankie and Joanna who did answer. :-) And the rest of you – leave me your comments! This is fodder for my show. :-)

So today was a day of shopping. It started with my mom and I going to Old Time Pottery – the coolest store in the world. I really wish they had a bridal registry because I would register there in a heartbeat. It’s a warehouse-type setting that sells discounted closeout and overstock housewares and stuff. Very cool and very cheap. :-) They just opened up a store in Indianapolis, so I’ll have to check it out. I’ll have to take my roommate (ex-roomie? :-() Tree there; it’s definitely a place she would love. So Tree, you better be prepared. :-)

Afterwards, we stopped at David’s Bridal to check on the bridesmaid dresses. I had one all picked out, but when I saw it on the hanger, I was like “Hmm, it doesn’t look as cute and it’s the most expensive.” So I tried on the second choice and I was okay with it, and then I tried on another one and I liked it the best. So I’m going to talk to the bridesmaids, and see what they think. (I’m not one for decisions.)

After that, my mom and I then went to Costco, a wholesale club where my mom does most of her shopping. We found some possibilities for the reception (little finger foods), and since it’s Costco it’s sold in bulk quantities. So that gave us some good ideas and we promised each other that we would sit down later and talk about what food we should have.

Later that afternoon, my mom and I headed to yet another store – WalMart. Now, in Indiana WalMart is a college student’s dream, but in Florida I keep having to remind myself why I shouldn’t go there. (Joanna H. will agree with me!) But I went there today nonetheless because my mom promised we would go to Michael’s afterwards, which we didn’t end up doing, but just as well because we were both tired of shopping. I got a few more things for the reception decorations.

I’m excited about how the reception is starting to look. Things are coming together. I have some very cute decorations, and some good ideas. I’m trying to stay simple (and cheap!) but there are so many ideas out there that I get carried away. And planning a beach theme while living in Florida is very good for getting ideas! My favorite right now is a candle that looks like a sand castle. It’s very cool! I also bought a lantern that really works, and that is also very cool and beachy-looking. I’m not sure the church’s policies on candles/lanterns, but we’ll see. I’m also going to decorate a vase and put Zeke inside. It’s going to look cool and you know I’ve gotta incorporate fish into my wedding somehow. :-)

Okay, this blog was all about wedding stuff and I apologize for those of you who are bored easily with that topic! I could talk for a long time. Today my brother’s girlfriend came over and I was all excitedly showing her everything… my dress, all the decorations, the bouquets… I think she was bored, but I realized that she’s the first girl I’ve seen since beginning of June! (with the exception of the girls I see at work, but they don’t count cuz they don’t come over to my house and they’re all 10 years older than me)

Time for bed… I’ll write later. Respond to my post!

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