God's firework show

God's firework show

Last night our family went to Waterford Lakes Town Center for the evening. Paul and I wandered around, looking at the different things they had set up and browsing through the stores. The sun was setting, but it was raining and so we saw two gorgeous rainbows and a beautiful sunset. The sky was a gorgeous color, mostly orange and pink but some parts were also deep blue.

The storm we had that night was a lightning storm, as usual, but it had stopped when we came out of Barnes and Noble and saw the rainbows and sunset. When it got dark, the lightning was just cloud to cloud and the thunder was faint if not nonexistant. The dark sky, contrasted with the threads of lightning zig zagging across the sky, was incredible. It looked kinda like this. Each time the lightning hit, we held our breath in amazement. Paul and I were standing in the middle of an empty parking lot, looking up at the lightning. Wow. Paul said, “This is better than fireworks.” I agree.

We joined my family and watched the firework show. God interjected His own fireworks (the lightning) throughout, and everyone clapped each time it happened. It was gorgeous. (Not scary at all, even for me who is a complete scardy cat when it comes to lightning.) I must say, this is the first time I’ve watched fireworks in the rain… Only in Orlando do they continue on with the fireworks show even during the rain. :-)

Paul and I went to Joann’s on Saturday with my mom because I had a coupon that expired on Saturday. We bought a book on doing flowers for weddings. I’m really excited… My best friend Beth inspired me with the flowers she did for her wedding (and the bouquet I got to keep). So since Saturday, I’ve been pouring over flower books, trying to find the perfect combinations for the bouquets and corsages and everything else. Paul thinks I’m silly. But I think it’s going to turn out really nice.

We’re going to Lake Eola for a picnic today, and then I don’t know what… I’m glad not to have to work today, and it’s very nice to have Paul here. I could get used to this. :-)

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