exciting news!

exciting news!

i don’t know how to say this… but tonight paul proposed… :-D here i’ll tell you the whole story!

Paul called me tonight and asked me to come downstairs. Once we were downstairs he gave me a tulip that had red and yellow petals. We then went on a walk to the playground in Upland Elementary. While we were walking, Paul explained the significance of the colors: the red stood for romance and the yellow for friendship. Paul talked about how our relationship encompasses both. Once we got to the playground, I sat on the swing and we talked about more about how we felt for one another. Then Paul explained that there was more symbolism in the tulip. While we were walking, the petals had opened up. He said that was like our relationship; closed before we knew each other well, and now it has blossomed into something special. Then Paul reached over the tilted the tulip so I could see inside and there was a ring! I gave a little gasp and looked up, and Paul asked, “Will you marry me?”

It was all so sweet. Our first walk together was to the playground to swing on the swings. And the rain held off long enough so that we were on our way home when it started. We decided to announce it to everyone tonight during the Gerig Hall slide show, and it was great! :-) Perfect substitute for a ring-down. :-) No, almost even better than a ring down. :-D

So now I have to think about studying for my aerobics and animation finals. grr. and try to get my mind of planning my whole wedding tonight. :-) hehehe i’m so happy! (people say i’m glowing) I love you, Paul! :-D

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