formal pickadate

formal pickadate

tonight is my last pick-a-date at taylor… and to end things it’s a nice fancy formal which of course I love. :-) i’m wearing what i wore to beth’s wedding in december, which is exciting that i get to wear it again. i’m nervouse because it’s supposed to thunderstorm tonight :-(

i bought more fish and another frog yesterday. they seem to be happy, swimming around and such. my favorite thing is when i put the food in the top and they go on a feeding frenzy. they dart around all crazy-like, attacking the little flakes of food. it makes me laugh. zeke, my betta fish, is jealous i think. whenever i pay attention to him he swims around, showing off his beautiful fins.

yesterday as i was driving to muncie to get the new fish and frog, it was absolutely gorgeous. i wasn’t pressured by time at all; it was just me and the country roads. i put my windows down and cranked up the music and let the wind blow my hair on my face. i love this time of year. it makes me happy. :-) you can tell because i have been getting interested in long term things, like fish. i can definitely never live in an area that is cold.

coming next will be a posting on how i love heat, just to counteract Matt’s blog. :-)

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