does this dress make me look fat?

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I have spent the weekend looking at wedding gowns. My taste in style has gone from relaxed to elegant, and I’m not sure where it stands right now. I’ve decided that there’s nothing like wedding dress shopping to make you feel heavier. For example, wedding dresses run 1 to 2 sizes small, so when you’re actually a 10, you should be trying on a 12 or 14 size dress. I think this is a mean trick to play on brides. It’s their biggest day, they’ve been dreaming about it all their lives (well most of them), they’re probably already stressed about trying to find THE perfect gown at THE perfect price (and wondering where to compromise), and now the dress making industry decides to slap them in the face by putting size numbers that are too big on the dresses. I know, it’s a psychological thing. I just all my life assumed I was small… and now I’m learning that I can only wear an empire waist so as not to draw any attention to my hips (which, I’ve discovered, look ugly due to my scoliosis). I’m also learning that I can’t wear my mom’s wedding dress (which would make things so much simpler and cheaper) because it’s too small on me. Not to mention that this shopping is bringing out two sides of my personality: the carefree, happy-go-lucky, run-in-the-meadows Ashley and the elegant, grown-up, simple-yet-tasteful Ashley. These two sides are in conflict with one another and I can’t decide what I want most. I only have one shot at this…

On a happier note, I got to drive the convertible today. That was exciting. Of course I only drove it from the driveway to the street, but that’s not important. I will drive it someday, I know I will. And I will have fun doing it. Maybe Paul will come down and we can go to the beach and I can pretend I’m cool. Or maybe another friend will come down and I’ll get to do the same thing. Or maybe… I’ll just do it by myself and try to impress all the strangers around me… *sigh*

It gets lonely around here.

free kittens

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Today I found 3 different ads in the paper for free kittens. I am starting to work on my dad. :-) I know my mom will be easy to convince; my dad, however, is not moved by the cuteness factor… *sigh* But I am holding out hope!

Meanwhile, Zeke continues to entertain me. He finds the silliest ways to sit there (if fish can sit)… Usually having to do with the plants in his cage (yes, Paul, it is a cage ;-)). The dogs entertain me too. We have one dog, Spunky, and we are dog-sitting a golden lab named Galadriel. Both love ice and come running any time they hear its clinking. Today, both dogs were on the porch looking through the sliding glass door at me. The reason? I was drinking/eating ice. They watched my every move. I “accidentally” dropped an ice cube – right in front of the door. They lunged for it, and discovered glass separating them and their ice. I opened the door and watched the two dogs (Galadriel being quite a bit bigger than Spunky) attack it simultaneously. It was quite humorous and made my day.

However, I still think free kittens would make my day even better. :-)

new look!

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Anyone who knows me can attest to the fact that I cannot keep the same look for too long. Once I see it a lot, I get tired of it. So I decided it was time for a change. You know, after a month of blogging, the template i had was so out of date…


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I think i had a past posting also entitled “ramblings”. I’m not very original I guess.

My sister left for Colorado today. She left me a Zits comic book as a present – how sweet! :-) Sometimes sisters can surprise you. It’s kinda nice.

We have guests coming on Friday, so my parents took advantage of this lovely day to clean. I had the wonderful job of cleaning the windows. And clearing all my stuff out of the garage (I hadn’t unpacked since coming back from Taylor). The windows were dirty, but I really do find enjoyment out of making something clean (I know I am strange… but you will appreciate it when, in the future, you come to my house for a visit :-)). I also helped Paul (as best I could, since he’s in Indiana and I in Florida) find a job. We looked up many website and searched through many job listings. I’m trying to be positive about this situation, but the truth is I’m worried that he won’t be able to find anything. I know it’s a competitive market, and everyone says the economy is bad… I don’t envy his search. :-( I’m trying to be supportive, but it’s hard to not get ansy since so many details about our wedding (for example, the date) rely on his getting a job. I need to work on this. And pray – hard, that something will come of his many hours spent on the job hunt today.

On a different note, my dad called in to a radio show today and got on the air, so that was fun to listen to. So maybe this makes my dad a celebrity? How cool.

I think I will watch a movie. I need a break from sitting in front of the computer.

bridesmaid dresses, anyone?

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Looking through catalogs of bridesmaid dresses just isn’t the same when you’re by yourself…

Today my mom and sister and I went to David’s Bridal and I got to try on dresses. I had fun and it was good bonding time with my mom and sister. My sister leaves tomorrow for Colorado, where she will be working at a summer camp for three months. It’s going to be weird not having her around.

It’s been kind of lonely around here. I start work next week, hooray for some activity. Going to David’s Bridal today was the first time I’ve been outside my house since arriving here Monday night. I miss having Joanna here in Orlando. And last summer Paul was here too. I miss him a lot, more than I care to think about. Soon! Eight months or so! Then together forever… hooray! I’m sure my roommate (ex-roommate :-() knows exactly how I feel – only more so. :-)

I think I will help my sister pack. Ah, diversion. :-)