so very tired

so very tired

Ah, the postpartum and newborn phase! I am so very tired these days. I remember Kacie once saying that despite all the all-nighters she pulled in college, she didn’t know tiredness until she became a mom. I totally agree!

Caroline has good days and bad days with fussiness. On the bad days, she’ll be up several hours during the night and I can’t seem to calm her except to walk her around. She does enjoy being held and especially walked around. Unfortunately, that is difficult for Mommy to do 24/7. :-) I really need to get a swing for her.

Part of the exhaustion is having a toddler to care for on top of that. Today I fell asleep while reading a book to Savannah and ended up taking a nap, waking up with a migraine (sigh). So I took some medicine, put a movie on for Savannah, and laid down to help the meds kick in. While I was upstairs, Savannah got into the flour, sugar, and corn meal and basically spread it all around the house. Oops! I had forgotten to lock the freezer. Fortunately, Paul was gracious to clean all that up, but things like that just keep me from truly being able to rest I think.

Savannah started preschool this week, so we’ve been waking up earlier than normal. Savannah seems to be enjoying it! She cried the first day when I dropped her off, but today she went without tears (though was a little hesitant). She seems to be very taken with the sandbox in the playground – that has been the first thing out of her mouth both days when I asked her what she did in school. Apparently, today they had music class, and Savannah excitedly told me that they clapped their hands and stomped their feet. It’s been interesting trying to get a picture of her school based on what she tells me. I think she’s enjoying herself, and I hope this is meeting a need socially for her!

On Tuesday, I was looking forward to a nap while Savannah was in school, but Caroline cried/fussed the entire time so I didn’t get one. Today I went grocery shopping and then a friend called to see if I wanted to go with her to a granite wholesaler to pick what she wanted for her kitchen countertops. That was a lot of fun! I saw some really beautiful pieces of stone, and was getting ideas for whenever we redo our kitchen (which very likely could be never, le sigh). It was an enjoyable morning. The four hours that Savannah’s in school have passed SO quickly both days!

Well I am getting really sleepy and figure I should go to bed. I am going to see if I can get back in the habit of blogging these little things… I miss this. We’ll see, we’ll see.

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