baby girl names, round two

baby girl names, round two

I promised people I would post our “short list”. :-) As we did last time, we won’t be announcing the name until after the baby is born. In the meantime we’ve been talking about it a lot. With Savannah, we kinda “knew” her name really early on. With this baby, the same thing happened but I’m a lot less settled on it. I like it, but I am concerned it’s too common (I keep running into kids with the same name), though it is far enough down the SSA name list for my comfort level *and* it’s been dropping in popularity (slightly) over the past 10 years. It’s actually a lot less popular than Savannah (which is currently #41), and I have run into very few Savannahs. And of course, it’s hard to know what’s going to becoming a trendy name in the next five years… “Ashley” for example shot up in popularity in the years following my birth year. Anyway, I’m probably putting way too much thought into it!

Without further ado, I will give you our short list. The first and middle names I have in mind may or may not be on this list. Also, the rules:
1) No names beginning with A, B, P, or S. I am being very firm on this.
2) I am drawn to older, more traditional names and have been especially interested in old Southern names to go with “Savannah”.
3) No variations of Ann or Anna (because of Savannah’s name). Sadly, this and criteria #1 knock out a LOT of really awesome names.

These are the names we considered last time that don’t break my first criteria:
Lillian (call her Lily)

I expanded the list with the help of some ladies on a forum I frequent. They helped me come up with some Southern names.

You’ll have to wait 6.5 weeks (give or take a few weeks) to find out what we ended up deciding. :-)

3 thoughts on “baby girl names, round two

  1. I just plain love all of these! I think you have great style :)

    Among my favorites:

    Caroline, Raquel, Camillia (ooh, Cami, Millie, Milla…such cool nn potential)

    Have you considered Cecily? I saw Cecelia and it made me think of that.

    Charlotte and Savannah is too adorable!

    Coraline is such a cool name and Cora is a great nn. My friend’s daughter is Corinne and goes by Cora.

    Not sure how Rosaline is pronounced, if it’s Roz-lynn or if it’s Ro-sah-line but either way, pretty.

    K yeah looking forward to hearing what you’ve picked!

  2. A girl in our church recently named her baby Magnolia Grace. There’s a Southern name for you! :-)

    I love the names you listed. Coraline is one of my favorites on your list, but I also like Nora and Cecelia. So pretty!

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