I’m dreaming of a white Christmas!

I’m dreaming of a white Christmas!

This year we decided to stay in town for Christmas. We want a chance to make our own memories, and we want Savannah to have some memories of Christmas in our house. We’ll still go be with family in Orlando, just not every year.

I have to admit, I’m glad that we chose *this* year, because we got a white Christmas here in Atlanta!! It’s my first white Christmas, and it’s the first time Atlanta has seen any measurable accumulation since 1882 (which was exactly 100 years and 1 day before I was born)! I had heard rumors of “wintery weather” but I didn’t pay attention, so I was really surprised when it snowed. And I was even more surprised when it was still around when I woke up the next morning! Some pictures:


Snow on the roof

White Christmas

While it was cold outside, it was nice and cozy inside:
Warm and cozy inside

After Savannah went to bed on Christmas Eve, we finally finished cleaning. Here is the living room, all decorated:
Living room

And the dining room:
Dining room set for Christmas dinner

Christmas dinner with our friends Jessica and Rodrigo:
Christmas guests

We enjoyed celebrating with their 2 month old daughter, Vera:
Vera, two months old

Savannah slept through Christmas dinner, and woke up at the tail end. She looks like she’s still waking up:

I had a lot of fun decorating the table. I wanted to get matching dishes, but I could only find dinner plates in the pattern I liked, so I ended up with a more eclectic collection. It turned out nicely, I thought. A few Christmas table accents:
Place setting

Snowmen salt & pepper shakers

Christmas candle

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  1. You call that snow?? :) Everything looks great! Christmas is one of those times when I don’t mind all the cutesy decorations – the more the merrier!

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