playing catch-up

playing catch-up

Wow, it’s been over a week since I blogged last. A lot has happened and I just haven’t felt like blogging. So, a bullet list to catch you up.

* Savannah went into the hospital again, this time for a MRSA abscess on her bottom. Poor thing! This is unrelated to the intussusception, but it is related to the breast abscess I had two months ago. They had to sedate her and cut it open to let it drain, then they put a drainage tube. I had that taken out three days later, and now we’re just making sure that she is taking her antibiotics and keeping the area clean. Savannah is now terrified of strangers, which makes me sad. She will cry at anyone approaching her wearing scrubs. Hopefully, she’s on the mend now and that is the last hospital visit for a while!

* One of Paul’s coworkers is leaving soon to go to graduate school, and Paul is going to be taking over a lot of this guy’s responsibilities. They also want him to switch to a Monday through Friday work schedule, and more “normal” hours (like 8-5). Paul is excited about his new tasks and about being able to go into work later, but we are both sad about the day changes. We’ve gotten used to him having Mondays off, and it’s really nice! He likes working Saturdays because no one’s around and he can get a lot done. Also, it’s helpful to have a weekday off; it makes it easier to take care of things like doctor’s appointments. I appreciate having him around to watch Savannah for any appointments I might have. No word yet on when this schedule change is supposed to take place – I hope they take a LONG time!

* We let the cats outside for the first time ever. We’re hoping this solves some of the problems we’ve been having. So far, they love it. We need to figure out a place to put a cat door so they can go in and out as they please. Since we have steel doors, I’m not sure it will be possible. Perhaps we can get something for our sliding glass door.

* My mother-in-law was visiting this past weekend; she left today. We had a nice visit. We went to the park where I want to hold Savannah’s birthday party in August, and we brainstormed together. I’m really excited!

* I’ve been feeling a bit introspective these past few days. It’s a weird feeling, not having the desire to share my thoughts with anyone. Usually I can’t stand not to blog my thoughts in some form or another (which is why I have a private blog…), but this time I have wanted a bit of privacy. I need to change some of my internet habits – I spend too much time on here, and I need to be focusing more on Savannah and my home. We’ll see what all this turns into.

* Part of the introspective thinking has also been my desires for this blog. I started as a college student, and now I’m a mom. Why am I blogging? Who are my readers? What do I want my focus to be? I feel that my blog needs a bit of an overhaul – I want it to reflect me better, and the direction where I’m headed. For example, I used to say “I’m a cat-loving graphic designer”. Well, I no longer identify myself as my occupation, and to be honest I’m even questioning my own love of cats. I still love cats, but my relationship with them has definitely changed and for now, I feel weird about identifying myself as a cat-lover. So where do I stand in the blogging world? Who am I, and how do I want people to know me? These are things I’m still thinking over, and you might notice changes around here while I try to figure it out.

* And an annoyance this week: some hackers got into our hosting space and left malicious code in any file they could. So we have had to go through and delete that from everything. It’s been quite a pain, but we took the opportunity to clean up our files online, deleting those that we don’t need anymore. We have domain names that we don’t even use anymore, and we need to stop paying for them. I think that everything is just about cleaned up, and hopefully we don’t have any issues anymore.

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  1. No other comment except I enjoy your blog! Oh, I guess I have one more: Sorry to hear about Savannah! Good grief.

  2. Wow! That is a lot going on lately! Glad to hear Savannah is doing better. Also, I love the new design layout. I also understand about the introspection lately, I feel like I have been doing the same thing – with everything from who I am now to where God wants me to be. I hope you get things figured out :)

  3. Poor Savannah. Hopefully, she won’t need to go to the doctor for a while, and that will give her time to forget her fear. She’s been through a lot lately, as have you.

    I’m glad the cats are still being allowed inside. And I’m very glad they’re enjoying being out. I totally understand why you did that, and I greatly respect that you tried to work through their issues first.

    I completely understand your blogging introspection. Lately, I feel like my blog name, which I thought was fun, clever, and different, is a misnomer now. My husband no longer has time to do much Star Wars trooping, and we even dismantled the SW room to make it a workout room. His pictures will go back up, but the rest of his collection? Not sure what’s going to happen with that. Star Wars just isn’t much a part of our lives anymore. I’m perfectly okay with that, but now what do I do with my blog? Besides that, I’m kind of all over the place with my posts, which I suppose is fine, as it’s really just about my life in general, but I don’t think I’ve ever built up much of a readership because I’m not really specialized in any way. I suppose it doesn’t matter…

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