9 month checkup and other things

9 month checkup and other things

I’m exhausted right now. We went to the zoo today (well, technically yesterday!) and though we had fun we wore ourselves out! We were at the zoo last week too, and this week I think Savannah noticed the animals a lot more! She got really hot, though. Note to self: put her in a lightweight ONESIE for the zoo! :-)

She seems to be doing fine. Every time she’s fussy I get really nervous and paranoid, but fortunately we haven’t had a repeat intussusception. Which is really good in my book!

Last Monday, we had her 9 month well visit at the pediatrician. I know, I know, she’s over 10 months old… I actually called to schedule an appointment, and accidentally got one for while we were going to be in Indiana. So, I had to call and cancel. And I tried to make a new one, but the receptionist hung up on me before I got a chance to make the appointment. I really like my pediatrician, but not a fan of her receptionist. Anyways, so I finally got an appointment for Monday which is good.

There were two things the doctor was concerned about. One of them I’ve written about here before – Savannah’s lack of moving. I’m not talking about her lack of walking, but rather her desire just to sit all day and play, instead of scootching or crawling like most babies who are much younger than her seem to enjoy. When it’s just me and her alone at home, we have a great time playing, and I forget that anything’s “wrong”. Then when I talk to other people I’m reminded about what she is – or isn’t – doing.

The pediatrician gave us a referral to get Savannah evaluated by a physical therapist at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. We haven’t quite decided what to do yet. If all they’re going to tell me is what I already know – put her on her tummy and make her scream – then I already know that and am (trying) to do that.

The other concerning thing is apparently Savannah has fallen from the 50th percentile in weight to the 20th or something really low like that. I’m a little confused about that, because when we were at the hospital last Thursday she weighed 17 something pounds, and she weighed the same on Friday when we took her to the pediatrician. Then on Monday she lost a whole pound. But I guess even at 17lbs she’s still dropped a lot of weight. I was told I needed to give her more baby food. Sigh.

I’m exhausted. I need to go to bed.

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  1. I’m not saying NOT to worry — because you’re a mom!– and there’s nothing wrong with admitting her development physically isn’t where it should be — admirable, actually, because it’s brave and smart — but I wouldn’t worry TOO much. I think it’s highly likely She’s just super laid back and will move when she needs to!

    Not sure about her weight? Could be her illness caused the drop. Did you ask the ped. about that? Overall, it’s okay to drop in the percentile, though. E was in the 99th and dropped down to the 25thish? I think he’s getting back up there again to where most of his peers are. As long as he’s healthy, my ped. says it’s all normal for kids because they go through so many stages…

  2. Thanks for your encouragement, Nichole. I thought that maybe she lost weight from being sick because one of the signs was that she refused to eat all day. We’ll see. I think maybe I need to be giving her more food. I bought some bigger jars at the store today and hopefully that helps.

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