splash splash splash

splash splash splash

Today was another wet and dreary day. In an attempt to curb my spending, I have realized that it’s best for me to stay home all day. If I’m out, I tend to spend money – even if it’s something small, like a stop at QuikTrip for a Coke. The downside to this is that I go stir crazy. So today, I offered to go pick Paul up from work (something I enjoy doing but have been trying not to recently in order not to waste gas). We decided to go hang out at Ikea and have a 50 cent hot dog for dinner.

I should have realized Ikea was not a good idea when there were *no* parking spaces. It was soooo crowded. I enjoy shopping, but I hate crowds, unless it’s Christmas time and then for some reason I’m filled with the spirit of the season and am happy and jolly. But I digress. Today was not Christmas, and for some reason Ikea was incredibly crowded. It wasn’t even a good time to go to Ikea – they are doing some major renovations and so a lot of the room exhibits were empty, and the entire dining room section was closed off. So after walking around for a while, we left and came home.

Because of the weather and the staying inside all day, I started getting a headache and feeling a bit sick to my stomach. When we got home, I tried to watch an episode of JAG but couldn’t focus so I laid down. I couldn’t sleep, so I thought a nice hot shower might help. Paul offered to watch Savannah in the meanwhile. About halfway through, he and Savannah came in the bathroom to say hi. The nice hot water had worked its magic and I was feeling like a decent person again. I mentioned that Savannah needed a bath, and since I was already wet it might be a good time to give her one. I had been wanting to try giving her a bath in the tub to see if she would enjoy it. (We usually use a bath chair.)

Paul graciously undressed Savannah while I filled the tub, and then I held her sitting up in the water. At first she was tentative – curious about the water. I picked up her hands and try to show her that she could splash. As she got used to the water, she began to kick her feet. Splash! Then she realized she could make bigger splashes with her hands. SPLASH!

It was great fun! Savannah just had the time of her life. It was hard to keep a hold on her as she just sat there splashing in the tub. We have a bath mat for the bottom of the tub; we’ll remember to put that down next time. Even though Paul got all wet, I think both of us enjoyed watching her enjoy herself.

So, Savannah’s first “real” bath was a hit! I think she’s going to be a little water bug. She was kicking her feet and splashing all at the same time. (And you wonder why I had trouble holding on to her!) Next time we’ll bring in some of the bath toys we have for her and see if she likes that.

It’s fun to see her enjoying something that I loved so much as a kid!

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