dear savannah: four months

dear savannah: four months

Savannah, Christmas 2009

Dear Savannah,

Today you are 4 months old. You are even more aware of your surroundings and of us, which has been a lot of fun!

This month had been important because it’s your first holiday season. We went down to Orlando for Thanksgiving. Your first trip to Florida! You continue to do great in the car. It was much warmer in Orlando and you were really hot the first day or two. We had to strip you down to your diaper! You had a good visit though and of course everyone loved seeing you. We are headed back to Orlando for Christmas.

We had family pictures taken in downtown Atlanta by your Uncle Jeremiah. You insisted in chewing on your hand for all the pictures, but they were cute nonetheless. We had copies made and sent them to all our friends for our Christmas cards.

We went to the doctor at the beginning of the month. You weighed 13 lbs and 4 oz and were 24 inches tall. You’re in the 75th percentile for both. Nice and healthy! You got your first two shots which you screamed through and broke your mommy’s heart. You seem to be okay now though!

One thing you’ve started doing is “singing” – making squealing noises from your bouncer. You’re adorable. You can sing to yourself for a long time!

Savannah singing

You’re getting really strong. You can’t sit up by yourself yet, but you do pretty well in the Bumbo seat and you can hold your head up really well in the sling. That makes shopping with you much easier! Everyone always comments when you’re in the sling. It’s a nice way to carry you.

You seem to like people, though you’re often shy at first. You love flashing big smiles though. You have no idea how much people love that! You enjoy interacting with people. You don’t mind your bouncer, but you usually like having people around to talk to you while you’re in it.

Naptime is something that has evolved this month. Before, you would sleep whenever and wherever. But you started getting fussy, and I realized that you needed to be put down in a quiet place to sleep. At first you would only sleep for half an hour or so, but then I figured out that you prefer being swaddled. Now I swaddle you for naptimes and you sleep for a long time! A few days ago, we went to visit a friend and you napped very well at her house. That was good! It’s still easy because you’re not rolling over yet. It will be more difficult as you gain mobility.

The past few days you’ve started to play with toys. You’ve been noticing them all month, but you haven’t really attempted to grab them. You’re starting to do that a little now which is fun! You like putting things in your mouth as all babies do. I’m sure we’ll see a lot more of that next month!

You continue to be a source of joy and entertainment in our lives! We love you!

Love, Mommy

Me and Savannah

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