these days

these days

It’s hard to get to a computer for an uninterrupted amount of time. I’m sure everyone understands. :-) I have been watching a lot of Hulu because Savannah seems to dislike it when it’s quiet, and it’s easy just to turn on a TV show. I like watching TV while I’m nursing since it’s hands-free, and the show distracts me from the pain/discomfort. Recently I’ve been into Mary Tyler Moore, and I have watched the Office wedding episode at least 3 times and I might watch it again!

I took Savannah to the doctor last week because her eye was red and draining. The doc said that she scratched her eye, and that she had a clogged tear duct that was causing it to drain. It cleared up only a day or two later. I felt a little silly taking her to the doc for something so trivial as a scratch… but I am glad she’s okay! I also found out she weighs 9lbs and 9.5oz – so over 2 1/2 lbs bigger than when she was born! I’ve definitely noticed her growing. She is already just about out of her newborn outfits; I’ve been having to pack them away. I was a little sad to pack one outfit away – she only wore it twice and it was SO cute. Then when I was at TJ Maxx the other day, I saw the exact same outfit and I was SOOO tempted to get it in a bigger size. But I didn’t. :-)

Speaking of outfits, I have been on a quest to find a nice dress for her to wear to Isaac and Katie’s wedding! It’s been quite a challenge. I wanted something pretty, long-sleeved, and in 0-3 month size. Apparently that last stipulation was the challenge – I found a lot of newborn, and a lot of 3-6 month, but nothing in between. I finally found what I was looking for at Walmart of all places (which is ironic, because their infant clothing section was really small!) and I was excited. She’s gonna be the prettiest girl there – other than Katie of course!

When I took Savannah to the doctor, I asked her about her red eyelids. The doctor said that they are birthmarks, called “Angel kisses” and they’ll eventually go away. I like the name angel kisses. :-)

Only 2 or 3 more days until I go to Indiana! I still don’t know if I will have a traveling partner or not. I am excited about the trip, but VERY very bummed that Paul isn’t going to be able to come up until Friday night. I like having him around!

Well the baby’s hungry… time to watch another video on Hulu. :-)

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  1. Hans had the same thing on the bridge of his nose. My doctor called them “stork bites”, which I thought was cute :-). They did eventually go away. It was several months, though, so don’t be alarmed if it takes a while!

  2. Oh I’m not really worried at all! I was just curious if Savannah was going to have red eyelids for the rest of her life. :-) The doctor said that when they aren’t on the eyelids they call them stork bites. I thought that was a cute name, too!

  3. both my girls had those dark spots on their eye lids, Lexi’s went mostly away, sometimes if she gets hot or mad i can still see it, Caylee’s is mostly between her eyes.

    I probably have a dress here you could have used… maybe I should go through my clothes for you. :)

  4. Ah! This is probably unwanted but I can’t help it! I am passionate about breastfeeding being nice to want to do it.
    Nursing should not be painful! I am butting in but have you sought advice/described the problems to anyone? It took me months to figure out why Elijah was clamping down (to slow the fire hydrant) but once I did it made everything better! Now it’s great.

    Good job sticking with it and getting Savannah so big!

  5. My daughter has a “stork bite” on her upper arm. It went from flat to raised and very red within a few weeks of birth. It’s STARTING to go away now but it sure is taking it’s time. I’d never seen anything like it before…my boys never had anything like that but I hear it’s much more common in girls (must be a hormone thing?)

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