my 25 things

my 25 things

I love stuff like this. I wrote this for Facebook back at the end of January, and always intended to post it here but am just now getting around to it. I do want to add to it and make it my “about me” page (replacing my current outdated “100 things“). But… that will come later. ;-) Anyways, enjoy my 25 random things!

1. I never know where to start on these things. Writing the opening paragraph for an essay was also the hardest part, I thought.

2. My front two teeth are fake. I broke them off diving into a pool in 10th grade. As I’ve aged, it’s gotten more noticeable, but I don’t have $2000 to spend on making them pretty again. Maybe someday.

3. Sometimes I dream about what I would do if I won the lottery. I usually feel very generous in those dreams. The funny thing is, I never play the lottery.

4. I feel sad when stores go out of business, even if I never shopped there.

5. I constantly quote Gilmore Girls. Love that show; I’ve seen most episodes multiple times.

6. I really love being outdoors, camping and hiking. I plan to camp as much as I can this spring/summer even though I’m having a baby in August.

7. I can’t see very much without glasses or contacts. I always take my glasses off when I eat.

8. (Removed for privacy reasons!)

9. I like cold showers in the summertime. (Not freezing, but with the hot water turned on just slightly.) I find it refreshing.

10. I love the South, where winter lasts for a month or two. I get antsy to get outdoors again.

11. I love cats. If I ever had to choose between my husband and my cats, it would be a hard choice. (I’d choose him, of course, but it would be hard.)

12. Paul and I are watching through AFI’s list of 100 movies. It’s been interesting.

13. I hate the question “where are you from” because I never know how to answer.

14. I really loved college, but I didn’t like living in Indiana. I’m glad I did it for a time, though, so I can know that I never want to live in the cold.

15. Sometimes I pick fights with friends because I don’t know how to keep a friend for more than a few years.

16. I got my first speeding ticket a few weeks ago. My perfect record – ruined! *sigh*

17. I’m really good about remembering numbers. Back before address books on phones, I used to know all my friends’ numbers by heart. I’m great with dates, too.

18. I don’t care much about college football, but if I’m going to root for a team than it has to be Florida Gators. Unfortunately, I don’t know any other Gators fans except my family.

19. I have a weird obsession with odd numbers. I think they’re so much more visually pleasing than even numbers.

20. I always try to attend weddings I am invited to, even if the timing is inconvenient or the distance is great. It’s really important to me.

21. Paul and I are both huge fans of the tv show Firefly. We think it’s our mission to convert other people as well. We want to go to a Firefly party sometime dressed as Wash and Zoe.

22. I am really excited about homeschooling our future children. I am genuinely worried that our country is going to pass laws that make it difficult or illegal to homeschool.

23. I like to talk a lot, and can dominate conversations if I’m not careful. Evenings in our home consist of me prattling on and Paul just listening. I’m glad he’s not a talker.

24. I’m really close to my mom and I talk to her almost every day on the phone. I wish we lived closer and could see her more often.

25. One of my lifelong dreams is to visit Greece. I hope we make it there to visit!

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