five years

five years

cupcake5yrToday is a special day. Five years ago, I wrote my first entry on my blog! I have blogged pretty regularly since then. I can’t believe it’s been five years already… I started when I was just a young’n ;-), a junior in college. At the time, I was thinking it would be cool if people read my blog! I wrote short posts, without using capital letters. I’ve really enjoyed blogging and home to get back in the habit of posting more frequently.

On my blog’s 3rd birthday, I posted an overview of my blog, including links to significant posts. :-) I should update that, since a lot has happened in the past two years!

For now, you might be wondering what kind of person I was. It’s kinda fun to go back and read the archives. Here is my favorite post from those early days. It will tell you exactly what kind of college student I was. :-)

done! (Posted May 12th, 2004)
It is now 5:40 am, but I am very happy because I am finally done with my paper! Okay, so I still have to write a conclusion, and I need to reread it because I know as I’m falling asleep that some stuff doesn’t make sense (which is why I stopped). But the main part is done… and so tomorrow (today?) I can focus on my portfolio for CAD 2…
Thank you Paul for staying up with me. :-) Thank you Theresa for lending me your laptop! And now I must go to bed, so I can get at least two hours of sleep… oh oh that’s depressing :-(

Ah, the good ole days. :-) A few updated blog stats: This is post #1,062. I almost have 3,500 comments! (I need just two more! :-))

4 thoughts on “five years

  1. Wow! Five years! I didn’t even know blogs existed 5 years ago! But then, I wasn’t a cool, young college student faced with all the latest technology, either.

    Just think: Not too long from now, you can look forward again to a lack of sleep! Although, this time I think it will be more satisfying that losing sleep over assignments. ;-)

  2. Am I number 3500??

    Congrats on making it five years!
    So, did your five-years-ago self picture you where you are today?

  3. Joanna: Yay! You’re comment #3,500! You get a special prize. :-)

    I think 5 years ago I was expecting to have been married almost 5 years at this point. :-) I think I was trying to get through graduation though, and didn’t stop to wonder where I’d end up post-college. I think I thought there was a good chance I’d end up in Indiana. I can say that 4 1/2 years ago I thought I’d be a military wife. :-)

    Anne Marie: I knew nothing about blogs when I started one. To be honest, I’m not sure why I did! I didn’t even realize there was a “blogging world” – I didn’t read a blog of someone I didn’t know in real life until almost 2 years later, would you believe that? You can tell I was writing to friends by the way I wrote – referring to specific people, sharing personal details of me and friends, not explaining things that people outside my college would not have known. I have since gone through and deleted all last names, and also some personal details, back when I was naive to being cautious of those kinds of things online. :-)

  4. Blogging is a huge part of your life! Happy anniversary — and many more years of blogging, as I hope to read in the coming years!

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