three more days!

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Only three more days until we leave for California!

This trip has snuck up on me, I feel like. Paul and I are in the process of making a list of things to do when we’re out there. We’ve learned from experience that if we don’t make a list, then we sit at home and see nothing. :-) So, what do you recommend? We’ll be in the Los Angeles area, and we’re renting a car. We’d like to keep costs to a minimum, and we’re skipping all the theme parks. Here’s what’s on our list so far:
* Palm Springs or surrounding area (desert)
* mountains (Big Bear or Lake Arrowhead)
* beach
* Hollywood Boulevard including the Walk of Fame
* Olvera Street
* try to see how close we can get to the air force base where Paul lived for 9 years

Any other suggestions? I am thinking attending the taping of a show might be really fun. :-)

this week

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Monday night:
Had terrible headache. Went to bed at 10pm in hopes that it would go away as I slept.

Tuesday morning.
6am. Woke up with the headache, felt incredibly nauseous. Pull myself out of bed to take Paul to work. Ask him to get a bag from the kitchen. Don’t even make it to the car before I lose my stomach contents in the bag.

Drop Paul off at the station, come home. Technically don’t have time to go back to bed, but I do anyways. Woke up at 7:30. Tried to get out of bed, but throw up again. (Okay I’ll stop with the yucky details now. :-))

Continue to try to get up for the next two hours, but am unable to make the room stop spinning. Try to drink lots of Gatorade but it doesn’t stay down. Call in sick to work. Head is killing me. Lay down with a cool washcloth over my head. Feel extremely guilty about calling in sick to work.

2pm. Wake up and feel a bit better. Want to talk to my mom, but can’t find her. (Find out later she’s in Dallas this week.) Call Susan instead, who gives me the perfect blend of encouragement and distraction. Hear Hans gurgling in the background which makes me laugh. Finally have to hang up because I can’t sit up any longer and can’t get cell reception in my bedroom.

Sleep another two hours. Wake up at 4, knowing I have to pick Paul up from work soon. He offers to walk home (which takes him about an hour – 3.5 miles), but I would rather him home sooner. Throw up for the last time that day (lost count). Feel better and am able to drive to get Paul. He drives me home. Head still aches. Convince Paul to take me to the urgent care center. Try to find one that doesn’t close at 5. Consider driving back to the one near our old apartment, before we find one a little closer.

6pm. Arrive at the urgent care center. Fill out paperwork. Try to remember my SSN. Write it wrong 3 times. I hate filling out paperwork when I’m sick!! Write family medical history. Am annoyed by multiple misspellings in the forms – wonder who is in charge. :-p

Nurse comes to get me. Sits me down in a room, takes vitals. Asks me all the questions I just answered on my paperwork. Seems annoyed when I am slow to answer. She is NOT the high point of my visit. Tell Paul I miss the urgent care place near our old apartment; they were really nice.

Doctor comes in. He’s really nice and makes up for Mean Nurse. He asks Paul and I what we do for a living, and tells us we’re so smart, he’s impressed. I think that’s ironic since he’s a doctor. He puts me at ease and doesn’t make me feel stupid. He says I’m very dehydrated.

7:30pm. Hook me up to an IV and saline to get some liquid back into me. Most. Painful. IV. Ever. Mean Nurse does the poking. Blood everywhere – all over the bed, the floor. Wishing Mean Nurse would let someone else do it. Get a shot in the behind for nausea. Wishing Mean Nurse hadn’t done that either – I still can’t sit properly. Lay there half-sleeping. Paul is bored and plays Sudoku on my iPod.

9pm. Released from urgent care. Went through three bags of saline. Feel a bit better but headache still there. Doc tells me to call my PCP because he’s concerned I might need to be hospitalized if dehydration continues. Go home. Think about doing my Bible study but decide just to go to bed.

Wednesday morning.
6am. Take Paul to the train station. Still sleepy, but no nausea! Decide to be late to work and go back to bed. Struggle to wake up and finally get up at 9am. Call my primary care doctor, make an appointment with nurse practitioner at 10am. Realize I don’t have a lot of time, so I hurry to get dressed. Call work to say I’d be in late. Leave the house.

10am. Still feel dizzy, but no nausea. Go to my appointment. Nurse tells me I am dehydrated, but don’t need to be hospitalized. Gives me a prescription in case it happens again and tells me to drink more fluids. Go to work. Eat lunch – I’m starving. Decide to drink a Coke and take some meds since I seem to be done throwing up; headache goes away.

I seem to be feeling much better now (Thursday morning). Hopefully this doesn’t happen again! Specifically, next week while I’m in California.

more on why I can't wait to have a house

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Okay we’re not buying a house anytime soon. But that doesn’t keep me from wanting one. :-) I know houses have their downsides, but there are definitely things I’m looking forward to.

Having a place (basement, yard, just space inside the house) where we can open our tent to dry out after a camping trip. This is also why we can never camp in the rain, or pack the tent while it’s wet.

When Paul is doing quiet time, being able to send him to another room so I can make noise if I need to.

One word: NEIGHBORS. Oh, I am so looking forward to some distance between me and my neighbors! Case in point: to have noises coming above me just being the reindeer on the roof on Christmas Eve. To be able to breathe in my house and on my porch without having to share in my neighbors’ disgusting smoking habits. And most of all, my recent pet peeve: To not hear the guy below us using the only word in his vocabulary: “F***”. I am not kidding. There are times when he just repeats that word 5 or 6 times. Paul and I just stare at each other. We never hear him otherwise (just smell him, since he’s one of the smokers). He must have quite a temper because he’s yelling pretty loudly. If I ever saw a girl go into his apartment or heard a female voice, I would be seriously concerned because he sounds so vicious. And seriously, dude, learn another word!! It’s driving me nuts. We weren’t sure which neighbor it was at first, but we’ve decided in the past week that we’re pretty sure it’s the guy below us. I don’t know if we’re going to complain at the leasing office or try leaving a nice note on the door. Or, maybe we should do nothing and just keep music on all the time. I dunno. I just really hate hearing him shouting in general, and it just makes it worse that it’s a vulgar word that I don’t care to listen to.

At our last apartment, we were on the bottom floor. Some people in our building always walked their dog right by our windows. There was a hill right outside our window, leaving only about a 3 ft. wide path. I didn’t mind the dog walking, except for three things. One, the dog was a pit bull and never on a leash. Two, they never picked up after him and it really made our apartment stink when we had the windows open. And three, the trigger word that the owners used to get their dog to go was: “Go sh**”. Not kidding you, they would stand right in front of our apartment and yell that over and over to their unleashed dog who certainly had other things on his mind. Fortunately, these guys were only in their apartment for about three months when they suddenly disappeared. I guess there were other problems with them as well. :-)

Anyways. I’m sure everyone has horror stories about apartment neighbors. These are a few of mine! There I feel better now. And still looking forward to that house!

a load off my mind

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I just realized that I should save that blog post header for when I get a new dryer. ;-) Oh well!

Anyways. I love Facebook.

Last night I expressed my concern about what to do with my cats. A friend from Peru who now lives in Atlanta contacted me and offered to take them! She loves cats but can’t have them right now. I’m so excited! This really eases my mind about that, and also I’m excited to get to reconnect with her!

So yeah. I don’t have to work today, and I’m not volunteering at Good Mews, so I have a free day! I need to buy cat food and go to the bank and get a roll of quarters. Then I *need* to do at LEAST two loads of laundry, though 5 loads would be better…

on my mind

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In two weeks, we are flying out to Los Angeles, California. This is basically my first visit to California, as I was only 3 or so the only other time I’ve been out in that direction. I’m going to meet Paul’s grandparents and all his relatives on his dad’s side while I’m out there. I’m excited and a little nervous.

I have a lot to do before going, and no energy to do it. Of biggest concern right now is what to do with my cats. We will be gone for 10 days, and I’ve never left them alone that long. I wanted to find a housesitter, but we can’t think of anyone who lives nearby who could do that. Another option would be just to get someone to come by and feed them, but again I’m stuck. Since we moved, we don’t have anyone close to us anymore; most of our friends live 30+ minutes away. We could hire a pet sitter, but I’m not sure where to find someone reputable (though I do know of someone who might be able to recommend one). We could board them, but I don’t like the thought of them being in a cage all day, and besides – that’s expensive.

I’m concerned about leaving them by themselves and only having someone come once a day to feed and pet them. Ten days is a long time to be by themselves 23 hours a day. They are very used to us being here are the time – usually when we travel we are only gone a few days. I’m slightly concerned about the cats peeing outside the litter box out of boredom or spite, but they were fine when we left them for 5 days in October…

Anyways, I need to decide soon. I also need to find someone to take us to the airport because parking at the station for 10 days is expensive. However, we’re leaving at like 7 in the morning so I’m not sure that’s going to happen! Man, I miss having friends who live closeby. At least we can just park at the train station if we need to.

I also have to do laundry – we’re without a dryer, which makes the process complicated. I would really love to figure out where to get a dryer and actually purchase one. (Yes, I know about scratch and dent stores. I am still trying to find one within 20 miles of my house.) I’d really like to clean up the apartment before we leave – do some major vacuuming and cleaning to minimize ant attraction.

So much to do, so little time, and so little brainpower to do it. I’d say I’m taking a blogging break until they all get done, but let’s be honest – blogging isn’t exactly what’s taking up my time. :-) Oh well.