paul needs your help

paul needs your help

As you know, my birthday is coming up! (There’s even a countdown to it on my sidebar!) Only 8 days! This year’s birthday is special because I’m turning 26 on the 26th.

Paul is looking for ideas of what to do on my birthday. He asked me what I wanted. I wasn’t sure. Most of all, I want to be surprised. I love being surprised with good things. :-) So I don’t want to give him any ideas because then it isn’t as much fun.
*EDITED TO ADD: I’m talking about activities, not presents.

But, Paul, though he is a wonderful person, may need some help coming up with something to do. :-) So I’m asking for your input. Don’t leave a comment – email Paul with your ideas. His email is paul (at) leadiv (dot) com.

Just so you know…
1) We’ll be in Orlando this year on my birthday, staying at my parents’ house.
2) I won’t be at home with easy access to my stuff, so anything that requires special dress will need to be arranged before Paul leaves on the 24th to come to Orlando.
3) I like dressing up and getting fancy. But we don’t HAVE to dress up, because I like being casual too.
4) Doesn’t have to be one big thing: several small things are also a lovely way to spend the day.

So what special thing would YOU do for your wife for her birthday? Or what do you hope your husband would do for you? Help Paul out! Email him; he only has 8 days to plan! :-) paul (at) leadiv (dot) com

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