a few things

a few things

I got to look at three apartments yesterday. One was an apartment I actually visited when I first moved to Atlanta, over three years ago, and I loved it at the time but they didn’t have anything on the top floor (one of my stipulations, since I was a single female). The apartment complex was sold and completely renovated, and I was excited to go back and look again. Let me say, it is a BEAUTIFUL complex! Right along a river, the trees and landscaping are just gorgeous. It has a more “natural” feel, which I love, without looking abandoned. The apartment was gorgeous too. The kitchen looked like I was stepping into a Southern Living magazine, though it was the typical small galley style kitchen. However, a major negative: they have DirecPath cable. Other majors: there is almost no closet space, no pantry in the small kitchen, and literally nowhere to put the litter box. There wouldn’t be anywhere to stick our camping stuff, and the apartment is fairly small (900 sq. ft. and one bedroom) so storage space is important. Ah, well. I’m putting it on my short list because I love the location and the trees, but I doubt we’ll get it.

The second one I visited I really liked. Two bedroom, beautiful floorplan, would fit us and our stuff perfectly. I loved the kitchen – it even had a window! It was small, but the way it was laid out wasn’t as depressing as galley-style kitchens. The rent was within our budget. The cons: I don’t want to be the only white person, so I’d like to go back on a weekend when people are out and see if I would be. It’s at the top of our budget and what she quoted me was lower than their advertised price, so it concerns me that the price might “suddenly raise” when we go to sign the lease papers. I also want to check police reports for the area, because the windows in the apartment I was in had the wired security glass in the kitchen window (like this). And, the complex isn’t PRETTY like the first one I went to!!

The third one I visited didn’t have the right “vibe” to me. There wasn’t anything wrong with it, though it was way cheap and the cynic in me wants to avoid getting something TOO cheap. :-) The layout was fine, though I wasn’t thrilled with it – the living room was awkward and the kitchen was the small, galley style. So I crossed that one off my list. I have 14 other possibilities which I’d like to try and at least visit, and if the complex looks nice I’d like to see a floorplan. I intend to visit four or five today if I can.

As soon as Paul gets off work, we’re headed north to NASHVILLE! :-) Bethany gets married TOMORROW, can you believe it?? I’m super thrilled for her. We got to meet her fiance last weekend at her bridal shower and we really like him a lot. We’re excited that they’ll be living close-by once we move (perhaps even in the same complex! :-) I’m going to check the one they chose out today). We’ll be in Nashville until Monday, and then when we get home we get to spend the rest of the day packing and sorting. We have a lot of junk to get rid of!

I better go get dressed for the day and get going! I hope all of y’all have a great Labor Day weekend!

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