it snowed today

it snowed today

I left my house this morning and noticed that the roofs of the buildings around me all had a dusting of snow. I was really surprised! I didn’t realize it was that cold. It flurried my whole way to work, but it didn’t slow down traffic at all, and I enjoyed it.

I have been absent from the internet as of late; I apologize. I’ve been busy lately. Besides working, I have been filling my evenings with friends and watching season 7 of Gilmore Girls. Paul and I met another couple who we have been hanging out with. It’s been great – we have definitely “hit it off” and I’ve loved it. They have a cute little house which has started me looking wishfully at real estate websites. I realized as I was looking last night that the houses that appeal to me the most are unique-looking ones with lots of trees in the yard. No cookie-cutter subdivisions for me! I also realized that I want a house with an “extra” room to be used for homeschooling, if possible. Eh, it’s only wishing and dreaming right now.

The wife half of the couple we have been hanging out with sells Mary Kay, so I’m having a party at my house tonight. I’m excited to get some new makeup! (They are coming in about 45 minutes so I really should go get dinner ready and finish cleaning the house. Ah, procrastination…) I had to have at least 3 friends come in order to get a discount on my makeup, but alas I could not find three people. :-( That made me sad, but at least we’ll have fun with the two people who do come. And, Paul is going to spend some guy-time with the husband so I think that will be good for him too.

We also have plans to go on a camping trip with our friends!! In April, when the weather gets warm. (Paul is still not used to April being a “warm” month.) I’m so excited!! We have been looking excitedly at our camping stuff – it’s been too long! We also hope to meet up with Sopeak & Zay and go camping sometime in the spring as well. I am so excited to be camping again!!

Work is going well; it’s an adjustment, but isn’t it always? I enjoy my coworkers a lot and working again has satisfied the extrovert half of my personality. I’ve been really tired when I get home, and feeling very lazy. :-) Hence the no blogging. It’s barely enough for me to keep up with emails! I have very quickly fallen back to quick dinners and eating out. I’ve also discovered the inexpensive salads at the cafeteria at my office and have been having those every day. Yay for eating healthy (I’ve been trying to focus on veggies and skipping the dressing), boo for spending the money every day. I’m such a lazy cook – I eat healthy only if someone else makes the food. I really need to get over that.

Well I am going to go finish cleaning. And eat dinner. And hopefully tonight I’ll package up the Gilmore Girls Season 7 DVD to send to Becky. :-) (Are you excited yet, Becky?)

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