WFMW: wordpress plug-ins

WFMW: wordpress plug-ins

I’ve been meaning to do this, and WFMW seems like the perfect time to list the WordPress plug-ins that I use here on my blog! I love being able to do cool things with plug-ins, and I especially love being able to do cool things without having to know how to write code. ;-) These are the plug-ins I currently use and like. Maybe you’ll get some ideas!

Akismet: I have used Akismet for spam blocking. I seem to get spam comments and trackbacks in waves. It works great for catching spam if you’re having trouble!

Code Markup: I use this to display the code on my Sunday Ponderings page. Eh, I’m not particularly sold on this specific plug-in but it does what I need.

Comment Timeout: This plug-in automatically closes comments on my posts after a certain amount of time (in my specific case, 21 days). I’ve found this really helps with the spam.

Did You Pass Math?: This is a capcha plug-in, also for spam. I’m not currently using it, but if I have trouble with spam again I’ll turn it back on. Like I said, my spam seems to come in waves.

Get Recent Comments: I use this plug-in to display my most recent comments in my sidebar.

ProgressFly: A pretty cool plug-in that allows me to put a progress bar on my sidebar. Currently, I am counting up to a goal of saving money. However, you could use it for anything and you can have multiple progress meters on your sidebar. I really like this one.

Subscribe to Comments: This is a recent addition that allows my readers to subscribe to new comments that are posted on a particular entry. This is for all of us who forget to go back and check for follow-up comments. :-)

WP AJAX Edit Comments: Another recent plug-in that gives you a certain amount of time (5 minutes, in my case) to change your comment. I always hate when I publish a comment and then see that I’ve made a typo! This allows you to quickly fix your comment. :-) I hope y’all enjoy this one!

I’ve found most of these by seeing them on someone’s else’s blog. A quick search of the WordPress Plug-ins database will give me all sorts of options, and a lot of them are really cool! It’s pretty easy to download and install the plug-ins. Check out Rocks in My Dryer for other great ideas!

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