birthday wishes and sad news

birthday wishes and sad news

So first off, I have to wish my baby sister a happy birthday! She is leaving teenagerhood and my parents officially have no teenagers at home anymore. Poor parents.

Two pictures of Amy from this year:

Amy and Jera, camping on Memorial Day weekend 2007

Amy and Zoey, hiking October 2007

Note two similarities: in both pictures, Amy is outside and with a puppy. Amy loves the outside and puppies. :-) She wants to live in some remote mountain cabin someday, and her heart is set on owning three labrador retrievers. (I know, I think she’s nuts too. But I love her anyways. :-)) Happy birthday, Amy!!

In other news, I had some disappointing news this morning. Shortly after I got up, I had a text message from a friend who found out she just lost her job. Then another friend tells me her husband is losing his job at the end of January. Last week, another friend was fired from her job, and a fourth friend was telling me this weekend that she anticipates being let go within the next few weeks. Paul’s side contract work has dried up to only a few hours a week; we’re hoping that picks up again but if it doesn’t then I guess I go back to work. All of these (with the exception of the friend that was fired) were because of lack of work. My heart goes out to all of them and their families.

Also this morning Paul informed me that he got his schedule for December, and he is scheduled to work for Christmas. :-( We were hoping that since he didn’t get Thanksgiving, he would get Christmas, but I guess since we have to take off for my brother’s wedding the weekend before it was too much to ask for. I must say I’m pretty disappointed. It’s hard when you don’t have family nearby and you can’t travel to be with them. :-( So, anyone have ideas for making Christmas special when it’s just two of you?

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