fall is the loneliest time of year

fall is the loneliest time of year

Has anyone else found it really hard to make friends post-college?

Paul is an introvert, and I’m borderline between the two, and really shy around new people. So, we’re content to stay at home all the time, entertaining each other. However, after a year, we’ve found that as fun as that might be we are still really lonely. We got somewhat involved in our old church, but while we had friendships they weren’t really with people who were in a similar place in life as us. Most everyone was either elderly or had young families. I am not bashing young families at all, but I have found that it’s hard to have a majority of your friends with kids while you’re childless. (I think the same goes with being single and having married friends.)

So, Paul and I started attending a newlyweds class at our new church. We were really excited about the possibilities of friendships. Here were 15 or 20 other couples in very similar places in life as us! However, it hasn’t turned out quite as easy as I thought.

I blame football.

See, in the south, it’s Football. And Football, especially college Football, is the dominating topic of conversation in the fall. We move from one talking cluster to another, even among girls, and it’s always the same. Who won yesterday’s game? Did you see that play? So-and-so’s defense was good. What’s the win-loss record now? Let’s get together for the game next weekend. They all form sides. There’s good-natured joking among each other. It all matters where you went to college (or what college you side with). Georgia, Florida State, Alabama, Auburn…

And the worst part is, everyone hates Florida. I’m not kidding. We have so many Florida State fans… One person actually told me that they hate anyone who goes to Florida. I say, “My brother goes to Florida.” So, the one college that I could even remotely care about, I can’t even find any fellow supporters. (Go Trojans?)

I was thinking all this yesterday when we were at Sunday School. I mean, I love my new church. And I know that finding new friendships takes a lot of work. I’m willing to work on it. I just wish we could have something in common. My mom says, “If you can’t beat them, join them.” (She’s a football fan too.) But who would I join? I can’t side with FSU, out of respect for my brother. Georgia fans annoy me. I don’t care about Alabama. And I may as well stay by myself if I join the Florida side. :-) And if I “join them”, then I probably need to start watching football too. I feel like there’s more to my life than that.

Which is more than I can say about most southerners…. *averts eyes*

Anyways, this is just a complainy post. :-) I mostly miss Taylor and the friendships I had there. I wish it was easier to make friends now! Does anyone else struggle with this, or is it just me?

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