i'm a little late on this…

i'm a little late on this…

So, Beth tagged me for a messy desk meme… I have to write the 5 craziest things on my desk. I have been trying to think about what to say.

Right now, I am on the laptop. We keep our laptop on a little tray. Right now, there is… a TV remote… that is there because I am currently watching TV. When I’m done with this computer, then I’ll put the laptop and mouse and move the TV remote to the top of the TV. :-)

We also have a desktop computer. Actually, we have 3 – a PC, a Mac, and a Linux box. But that’s besides the point. We have all of those computers (only 2 monitors) on a small table, and there really isn’t much room to keep stuff other than the keyboard and mouse. Paul tries his best to keep post-it notes with his scribblings, but I usually dispose of those every time I use the computer. And since I was on that computer last night, the desk is clean. :-)

I also have a desk in my house that doesn’t have a computer on it. It’s fairly neat, but there are a few things:

1. A plastic storage container filled with keychains from my collection. I collect keychains from places I or friends have visited. I have a pretty cool collection. I actually plan on blogging about that later, and including some pictures of my favorites.

2. A package of dog training treats.

3. A library book that my dog chewed up. It’s due this week; we need to return it and pay the $35. (No, I couldn’t find the book any cheaper online…)

4. My Nikon D40x, because I was actually going to take pictures of my desks, but decided that this post would never get written if I waited for that.

5. The pieces of my grocery list for this week that my dog chewed up before I could get to the store. I was so frustrated that I still haven’t remade it and gone to the store.

Now on to my last desk, at work. I keep this one fairly neat as well. I can’t stand to work in a messy environment! So, nothing interesting there. Just specs for ads, two fake plants, a can of pens/pencils, and a beta fish. :-)

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