almost ready!

almost ready!

Just a few more hours before I leave work and pick up Paul, and go to INDIANA! Hooray! I’m so excited. I am also dead tired because I had to take Paul to the train station this morning. :-p

Last night we took Jera over to the house where she will be staying while we’re gone. I was so sad to leave her there! This is what parents must feel like when they leave their kids at Grandma’s. :-) I know she will be spoiled rotten and have a great time. At their house, she’s allowed on the furniture. :-) When we left, she had made herself all cozy on the bed, and looked like she was ready to stay the night.

It was weird not having her around last night or this morning. We took down all the baby gates and enjoyed walking around without having to stop over things… I do look forward to when we can let her into all areas of the apartment… But I do miss her!

While doing laundry and packing, we watch AFI’s Top 100 (10th Anniversary Edition) last night. Citizen Kane once again topped the list as the best movie ever. I’ve only seen the second half, and I think I was completely confused as to what was going on, and so I tuned it out. I’ll have to watch it again. Paul and I once again decided to watch through the movies on the list. Last year, we picked up The Godfather and West Side Story – both of which I enjoyed and was glad I’d watched. A few weeks ago, we finally watched Casablanca, and (as I expected) I really enjoyed that movie. So, what should be next on our list?

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