copper boom!

copper boom!

First of all, congrats to my brother! :-) I’ve been wondering when this was going to happen. ;-)

I have been doing some research about my spam and guess what! I found out it’s not spam at all, but trackbacks. That explains how they’re getting to old posts. Apparently the best way to combat this to install a thing called Bad Behavior, which blocks spammers from even accessing my site. My only concern is that it’s going to block legitimate folks. So, unless it gets much worse, I am going to just keep my current spam blocker (Akismet) and if you leave a comment that doesn’t appear, please please please let me know and I will release it from the dungeons of Akismet as soon as possible. :-) Hopefully this is the end of my posts on this topic for a while.

Last night I was helping Sopeak and Zay by designing their Save the Date cards. What do you think? It fits them, no? (A few of you – Beth Z, Tree, Matt, perhaps Joanna H. – will especially appreciate one aspect of it, if you know what I mean.) Zay told me to keep the font and scrap the rest. :-( Oh well. I have many fabulous ideas in mind so I’m sure the end result will be quite different. :-)

A few months ago I registered the domain Right now, it just forwards to However, I’d like to use the latter domain solely for an online portfolio – a more professional site for me to use as I do more freelance. I will be moving my blog to then. I am warning you so I don’t lose anyone in the transition. :-) You can go ahead and change bookmarks to twentysixcats, since that will get you to my blog for now. I will let everyone know when I make the switch.

That should be all for now. Signing off and going to lunch.

(Oh, about the title. You’ll just have to watch my favorite Gilmore Girls episode ever, Season 4 episode 2: The Lorelais’ First Day at Yale. Hehe. This is my “when I can’t think of a title, just pull a random Gilmore Girls quote” method.)

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