festival of trees and other activities

festival of trees and other activities

EDIT: Okay pictures should be working now. :-)


I know, I haven’t really blogged in forever. Or it seems that way anyways. :-) I have tried to keep up with my other blog, so be sure to check it out if you haven’t already. This post is going to be long – I apologize in advance! :-)

Paul and I have been keeping ourselves pretty busy with Christmas just around the corner. I did some research about things we could do around Atlanta to celebrate this season, and we decided to go to the Festival of Trees. I had been once a loooong time ago – I think I was only 5 or so. My only memories are lots of trees and my mom and grandmother telling me a joke: “Did you know there are only 25 letters in the Christmas alphabet? There’s noel (no L).” Not understanding the joke, I firmly believed for a long time that there was a special Christmas alphabet with only 25 letters, and I was always sad because I couldn’t spell my name with the Christmas alphabet.

Of course, that had nothing to do with the festival itself. It’s a fundraiser for the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, and they have many different trees and wreaths decorated in themes by different people and organizations. We enjoyed ourselves, but we could both see it getting repetitive year after year. :-)

We went on Saturday Dec. 2nd to the Festival. Since Paul had to work, I took MARTA (train) to downtown Atlanta to meet him when he got off at 3. Little did I know, but there was a very big football game (Florida vs. Arkansas) at the Georgia Dome, which is right next to CNN and next to where the Festival was. At first, when I saw five people get on the train all decked out in orange and blue I thought “Oh AJ would think this is cool”. Then by the time I got into the city, the train was absolutely packed. Everywhere I could see it was either orange and blue (Florida) or red (Arkansas). Then they started with their cheers and everyone was having a grand old time. When I got off the train, I could smell the barbecue from the tailgating parties. It was so incredibly crowded, but not annoyingly so. I enjoyed the spirit of the occasion (I only wish I’d worn my Florida shirt!). I met Paul in CNN where he took me into the employees entrance and up to the 2nd floor away from the crowds. It was pretty neat – I got to see his office and stuff. I took this picture of the atrium:

After lunch with Paul and watching the crowds, we pushed through the mass of people and made our way to the Festival of Trees. Some pictures from the event:


One of the wreaths we saw. I totally want to make this for my house!

Paul standing next to some of the decorated trees as the Festival of Trees.

My favorite tree: all purple!

They had a gingerbread house contest. I liked this one a lot.

Japanese origami trees.

Humane Society tree. I love that it’s tilted! (That’s a dog chasing a cat up the tree.)

Also on Saturday morning, I helped out with a children’s Christmas program at my church. It was fun, and I think just yet I might be reformed about my opinion of children. ;-) Part of it I’m sure is knowing I could very realistically be a mother within the next few years.

Saturday evening Paul and I went to see The Nativity Story, which we enjoyed very much. It also prompted much discussion between Paul and I, which was good. It gave me a bit different perspective on the familiar story – for example, I’d never thought about how evil Herod was, or how much risk Mary and Joseph took when she became pregnant. Paul and I talked about God using ordinary people to bring about His glory. We think that’s pretty cool.

Sunday evening was our church’s annual advent service, which consisted of a musical the children put on and church-wide participation in decorating the sanctuary’s Christmas tree. I liked the family feel of the service. As I look back, I’ve realized how hard it has been to make friends post-college but how wonderful it is now to know people in the church.

All this past week Paul and I have been busy working on Christmas cards, Christmas shopping, and watching TV specials. Last Sunday was our Christmas cantata. We sang Max Lucado’s “One Incredible Moment” and it turned out well. I love the music, and the words are beautiful. I brought home the music so I could post some of the words on my blog. I wish I could post the music as well! I love this time of year!!:-)

Days till Christmas: 13
Days till my birthday: 14

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