clean and shinin' kitchen

clean and shinin' kitchen

My goal has been to always go to bed with a clean kitchen. Unfortunately, I did not meet that goal last night. Actually, to tell you the truth, I forgot about it. However, because I have been good about it, there aren’t many dishes sitting there. (My previous routine was to wait until all the dishes, pots, and pans were on the counter before attempting to wash something – and usually the frenzied washing was prompted by guests coming.) I also have discovered that if I wash dishes while I’m cooking dinner, then I can tackle a few instead of just standing around. I always start with the biggest stuff because after I’m done with those few pieces, it seems that everything looks cleaner.

Yesterday I cleaned the bathroom – including scrubbing the shower. It needed it! :-) I am making it another goal to spend part of my lunch hour cleaning and/or straightening the apartment. I’m really good about keeping things clean (except for dishes, of course) if I have a place for everything.

I also spent a lot of time yesterday putting together the invitations. I didn’t realize how quickly I would tire of doing this. I only have about 70 more to do (out of 250), but next comes the task of addressing the envelopes. Then we’re done! I took a break from invitations yesterday to write thank-you notes for the shower we had on Wednesday (which was fun, by the way). My goal is to get all the thank-you notes written before the wedding (a very realistic goal!). Maybe this weekend I’ll be able to finish the invitations. I still need to hunt more people down for addresses… so if I don’t have your addy, please send it to me!!

I feel slightly stressed… not sure why. It’s probably lack of sleep. Maybe it’s this project I am working on at work, a website which I am attempting to do in CSS. For one, I don’t know CSS very well so that’s frustrating. For two, all I need to say is “Internet Explorer” and every web designer will nod their head in sympathy. From my CSS book, Stylin’ With CSS (excellent book, by the way): “Internet Explorer is frozen in a non-standards past, and, as a consequence, is losing market share rapidly. For some of Internet Explorer’s shortcomings, there are workarounds known as hacks – the non-standard use of CSS to fool particular browsers into sseeing or ignoring certain styles. It’s tedious and time-consuming to create hacks; Internet Explorer must get with the program or continue to lose ground to its more compliant fellow browsers.” I’m not tech-savvy enough to predict if and when IE will start being compliant with web standards, but I really hope it’s soon. It would make my job much easier. Another really annoying thing about this project is that our web server is a Microsoft web server that only has ASP (not PHP). That doesn’t really affect me right now, but it has in the past and it probably will in the future. I mentioned to my boss that if we ever change web servers, to let me pick it so I can get something with ASP and PHP.

Okay that was a nice break. Back to work.

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