my mom

my mom

I miss my mom.

I miss her especially today, when it’s her birthday. I wish I could be there to help her celebrate; maybe next time her birthday falls on a weekend I will make the long trip and surprise her. :-)

I talk to my mom almost every day. She’s been a great encouragement to me, not just now but my entire life. I’ve always felt supported by her (except in the clothing department) and definitely loved. She’s put up with a lot, from school projects to my emotional outbursts, to constant chatter which hasn’t really slowed as I’ve aged. She’s encouraged and pushed me to be the best I can be in every area of my life. She has sacrificed for me in innumerable ways, like when I want to stay up talking at night and she wants to go to bed. :-) She’s caring and loving and smart. She’s rebellious just like me :-) (Paul says my whole personality started to make sense after he met my mom :-).) She loves to learn, and has proven to be an example in her constant search for knowledge. She doesn’t settle for things to be spoon-fed to her; she seeks out truth in everything. She’s good with money (she better be, since she’s an accountant) and has worked hard so our family never really went without (although I really did want that phone in my bedroom in high school).

Education is very important to my mom, and she always strove to make sure we got the best possible, even if that meant teaching us herself. She taught me my first art appreciation class, and I still think back to some of the artwork we talked about, now that I have a much more solid background in art.

When I was younger I used to write a lot of stories, and I liked having my mom read them. One night I had crept out of bed to use the bathroom and I overheard my mom talking to my dad in their room. My mom was telling him about one of my stories, and how she thought it was cute and funny. I’m sure not many would have the patience to read all of a 10 year old budding author’s writings, but I always felt that she cared about me and my stories.

I hope to be like my mom someday. I am excited that now, as I’m getting older, she’s become much more of a friend. I love sharing things with her, and I hope our relationship remains as strong as it is right now. I also hope she retires to Atlanta. :-) I miss you and love you so much!

Christmas 1985 I think – I would have been 3

our first family prayer card! 1989 (I think)

my mom and grandmother at Cocoa Beach, May 2005

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