my "to do" list

my "to do" list

Well… I only got two things done yesterday, finding a costume and going grocery shopping.

Last night, Cida came by unexpectedly with Vincent’s daughter and I was embarrassed by how messy my apartment was. So I guess I should have cleaned yesterday instead of working on my website. I don’t want people to see me as a messy person. I normally keep it tidy… I just haven’t had much energy for cleaning this past week.

So now I’m motivated to clean, spurred by the desire that, should any other unexpected visitors stop by, my apartment be spic and span. :-) I also have to hang my curtains. I went to hang them yesterday, but realized that I don’t know how to hang curtains and I didn’t want to be drilling random holes in my wall. So I will call my dad today and ask him.

My list (yes it looks the same as yesterday)

  • Hang curtain rods and curtains, mark hems
  • Straighten the living room
  • Clean bedroom
  • Vacuum apartment
  • Pay bills
  • Do a couple loads of laundry
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