combatting the cold

combatting the cold

Susan wasn’t kidding when she said that the change in weather comes suddenly in Georgia. We had a brief period of gorgeous 70-80 degree fall weather then bam, we’re dipping into the 30s at night. Of course, I’m sure it’s much colder up north, but I’m sitting here freezing in my apartment. (BTW, I am bundled up in sweaters, etc.) I decided to break down and turn on the heat only to discover that my apartment doesn’t have a heater! Oh… I thought only in Florida do the houses not have heat… Guess it doesn’t get that cold in Georgia either (although I beg to differ – it’s pretty cold out now; I can’t imagine what it’s like in January).

So all you wise people out there who read my blog, here is the question of the day: What alternatives to heating my apartment am I left with? I was thinking of getting a space heater, but my mom has concerns about them since they are often the start of fires. Are there any alternatives? I was looking at space heaters in the store, and was a bit overwhelmed by all the different brands/kinds. Should I be concerned with what type to get? I have one at work that I use and it really dries out my skin – any advice on how to avoid that? (especially painful with the medicine I’m taking to clear up my face)

Please leave your opinion so I can be warm! :-)

Edit: I just looked up the weather and in the next two weeks it’s supposed to be in the mid to high 60’s, and getting down to the low 50’s at night. So maybe we’re just in a cold spell right now.

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