kitty condo

kitty condo

Well I may not have a condo, but my kitties do. :-) I’ve been in the market for one for a while, but haven’t been able to justify paying the exorbitant Petsmart prices. Then I saw a guy on the side of the road selling homemade ones for a third of the price… I’m such an impulse buyer. :-)

I am sitting here now with my pre-church tea, appreciating the quietness and calmness of a Sunday morning, watching my cats. They are hilarious, chasing each other up and down. Ebony is frenzily climbing the center post like a tree. Now she’s all curled up at the top like a Queen. It makes me smile. I love cats so much! Cats can provide laughter and comfort in a way that nothing else can… At least for me. How amazing that God created such a beautiful creature for us to love and enjoy! That’s such a simplistic sentence, but I can’t think of anything else to say that doesn’t sound cheesy. I think that right now I’m feeling closer to God than I have in a while. It’s like He’s reaching down and touching my heart and telling me, “You know what, Ashley? These cats are an example of how much I love you. I’ve provided companionship and laughter while you live alone, and comfort for when friends and family are far away. I’ve given it to you because I love you, so much. Just like you love and delight in your kitties, I delight in you.” God delights in me. :-) I think that’s the perfect word I’m looking for.

I think that’s a good note on which to leave for church. :-)

P.S. For those who are hurting -you know who you are- God delights in you, too! And He’s hurting with you, but it will be okay, because in the end He’s going to give you more than you ever dreamed!

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