a year ago today

a year ago today

Today marks the one year anniversary since Hurricane Charley hit Orlando. Wow, it seems much longer than a year ago… Some of you may remember other events that were happening in my life at the same time. I look back and see how a year has made quite a difference. “Time heals all wounds…” Time, and forgiveness…

Well Charley doesn’t seem as significant now since three major hurricanes hit after, but it still was pretty significant in my life. I was in Indiana when Frances and Jeanne hit, watching helpless from afar. Jeanne actually hit the same weekend as my show, so my parents were up with me – leaving my little sister alone with my grandfather, whose reactions were quite humorous. I remember being with Joanna H. the same weekend as Frances (Labor Day weekend), and we were worriedly trying to get a hold of our parents. Actually, if you read my blog in August and September of last year, there was quite a bit about hurricanes.

I am praying that they’re wrong about the predictions for this year.

In other news, I helped a friend move into my apartment complex yesterday. I was thankful for my big car. :-) I definitely would like a smaller car, but the space does come in handy. The house she’s moving out of was gorgeous – no wonder it sold in six days. I would have bought it myself. :-) She is very artistic and had the money to invest in nice things, so the house really looked nice.

Today is going to be a cleaning and food shopping day for me. I am starting to get a few ants around the cats’ food bowl, so I need to clean that area well and hopefully they don’t come back. Since it’s noon I should get started on that… :-p

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