Finally, I can stop and take a breath. This week passed quickly. I’m so exhausted every day that I never feel much like writing in my blog or writing emails… I’m sorry to everyone who wishes I would write more.

A lot happened this week. Holly and I rigged up a thing on Wednesday using string and a weight to keep the door closed at work. Consequently, my headaches have disappeared which confirms my suspicions that the headaches were caused by the smell of the ink, and the noisiness from the press room. We also looked up “door closers” on the Home Depot website, and then gave our boss the prices for what we wanted (under $10). Hopefully the string got their attention and the prices will hurry them to action.

I was working this week on in-house promotional postcards for CPP. The guy who assigned me the job gave me no direction and was very vague. “Be creative!” he told me. Well on Friday the owner of the company came by and asked me where the design was. I showed him what I had done, and he was like, “we need a new design. This isn’t good enough; this isn’t going to sell.” I felt like crying. Then he and my supervisor and the guy who assigned me the job had a whole argument on what needed to be done. And I’m just the intern who knows nothing and felt very stupid for not reading their minds… I just wanted to curl up and cry. But yeah, I went to lunch right after that and felt much better.

On a different note… My dress came Thursday, but no one was home to receive it, so my mom picked it up for me from the post office on Friday. I tried it on when I got home, and I’m so very happy with it! It’s gorgeous, and it fits perfectly. :-) Paul is going to be very happy in 8 months when he sees it!! :-)

Today is Shannon’s wedding. Everyone who lives/lived in Gerig should know Shannon… I’m so very happy for her. But at the same time I really wish I could have been there. I think if I had had someone to drive up to Ohio with me I would have gone, but my parents would have never let me drive that far by myself. Now that I’m planning my own wedding, I realize how important it is to the couple to have people come. Especially people who have to go out of their way to come to your wedding… that means a lot.

Paul and I are planning our wedding for Indiana so our Taylor friends can come. However, this is a bit inconvenient for all of our relatives, including immediate families. My mom – who desperately wants us to get married in Atlanta or Orlando – insists that our friends will come even if it is far. What do you think? How far would you travel to come to celebrate with Paul and I? Here, I’ll take a poll right now in my blog. If we were to marry over spring break or in the summer, would you come to Florida for our wedding? If we were to marry in Atlanta would you be more likely to come? What if we got married during the schoolyear in Atlanta… a long weekend, but doable (it’s about 10 hours from Taylor)? Would you come? Leave me comments with your answer!

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