first day of work

first day of work

I guess people don’t want to read about how much I miss my fiancé. *sigh* I will keep those thoughts to myself then.

In other news, today I started my internship. It was a long day, after a seemingly longer sleepless night. My mom has given me some sleeping pills to take next time my body decides to deprive me of sleep for no reason at all. I hate that my body does this to me. Hopefully the pills work. Anyways, I hadn’t a clue how long it would take to get to where I was working, so I gave myself an hour and arrived half an hour early. Oh well. I sat for a while trying to read a book I had brought but it was so hot, even with the windows down. However, the rest of the day went well. It’s a different environment than I’m used to working in (namely, not Christian), but I think it will be good for me and allow me to be more comfortable if and when I am in that kind of working environment in the future. I mostly watched another designer as she worked on adjusting pictures to be used in a magazine, and general magazine layout. It was a lot of fun, and I think I learned a lot. I love designing. I can’t wait until I can do some stuff on my own. I think I’m not as much an idea person as I am taking something preexisting and either fitting it into the format desired, or doing a redesign. Or even polishing it up to be ready for printing.

I wish I had money to buy Adobe Creative Suite for my computer. I think it would be a worthwhile investment. Especially as I try to do Tree’s invitations for her wedding. Macromedia Fireworks (which is what I have right now) isn’t quite as powerful. I am glad for the chance to have Macromedia software on my computer for the summer (to use for my job at the library)… I love playing with a semi-high-powered image editing program, as well as Flash which is just fun. :-)

Okay, enough software talk for now. Any other designers out there? I wish I didn’t feel so alone in the design world. Oh that I had gone to a different university! Too late now… I should stop complaining…

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