Brainstorming our bedroom makeover

I mentioned in my post about our bedroom that I was hoping to sell our current dresser/nightstand and replace with something that fit the room a bit better. I am not sure when we’ll have the finances to do this, but it’s fun to brainstorm.

As a refresher, here are the pictures of our bedroom as it stands currently:
Looking into our bedroom
Nightstand, door, dresser
I want to get rid of the dresser/mirror, the nightstands on either side of our bed, the other nightstand, and probably get a headboard as well. I think a nice rug would complement our room well, and we definitely need to think about window coverings/new blinds. Those would be father in the future, of course.

After checking out all the dressers in Ikea, I think this is the one I want (the HEMNES 8-drawer dresser):

I also like the matching nightstand (the HEMNES chest with 2 drawers):

There is also a matching headboard that I wouldn’t mind, but I don’t have strong opinions on the subject. I’ll have to be creative about replacing the mirror, but Ikea has a lot of fun options.

I really like all these pieces in white, but I don’t know how well it would match our walls. They are a very, very light blue/gray color – they look white in pictures. I love their color, but it wouldn’t be enough contrast to white furniture. I have two options… One, paint the walls of the room to a darker color – perhaps the same blue/gray but darker? I don’t mind doing this, but it does add another cost to the room.

The other option is to get different color furniture. The HEMNES dresser and nightstand come in three other colors:

Unfortunately, the headboard only comes in white so I’d have to look for something else. I can’t decide which one I like best and will match our room. We have somewhat of a blue/tan/green theme going on, matching our quilt – I would probably continue with that color scheme.

I need to find something for between the closets and door. If we put a piece of furniture there, it needs to be narrow – I am always hitting my leg on the corner of the current nightstand. We also need an easily activated light, since the switch on the wall works the overhead fan. I was thinking a floor lamp, but at the same time I would really like to have some places in our room that are out of reach of little hands. I could put shelves on the wall over the dresser – on either side of the mirror perhaps? I still need to think through our options for this.

What ideas do you have?

4 thoughts on “Brainstorming our bedroom makeover

  1. You maybe don’t have the time for this right now, with a toddler and being pregnant but . . . . I’m always a fan of DIY. My sister has an awesome side table that she found in the trash. In the trash! She saved it, re-painted it, and made it beautiful. More recently she bought some fabric on so she can make a headboard. To me, this is definitely an issue of time versus money but if you have the time, you can decorate a room on a tight budget. Also, I don’t know if you have one in your area or not, but one time I went to a Goodwill Outlet. It basically had all the items that don’t sell at the regular Goodwill stores. You can buy clothes by the pound! Crazy! It was definitely overwhelming but I found a really cool chair that I would have bought it had been better timing. (I was about to have to put my stuff in storage so I could finish up school.) The chair was only 5 dollars and it was so cool!

  2. Ha! I actually meant to address that. DIY furniture is an awesome concept and I love when people can do it well. But, there are several reasons why I don’t want to consider it. One, I’m pregnant and exhausted. And if this doesn’t get done until after the baby comes, then I will be a mom of a toddler and a newborn and exhausted. Also, I don’t have a good spot to do it, since we don’t have a basement or a garage. I have done stuff in the carport which works out okay, but finding that magical time where it’s not going to rain for several days and I have childcare (don’t want Savannah to “help” paint) is easier said than done. And lastly, I don’t have the patience to do a big project like this (several pieces of furniture). I know that’s a negative of who I am, but in all honesty it would just sit around forever and never get done. :-) At least at this phase of my life.

    Oh and the problem with buying furniture already put together is it is very difficult for me to get it home. My car is very small, and does better with Ikea boxes than with an already put together dresser.

    I’ve never heard of Goodwill Outlets – that’s really interesting! We actually have an awesome secondhand furniture store near here. :-) Of course, I don’t have a lot of time to browse – it has to be a day when Paul can watch Savannah or I am in and out as quickly as possible. :-) Places like thrift stores or secondhand stores often mean visiting frequently and being vigilant before you’re able to find what you want. I just can’t do that right now.

  3. I don’t blame you at all for not wanting to take on DIY projects. Plus, it’s a lot harder to day dream about thrift store options since the key to thrift store shopping is to wait and see what comes your way. :)

  4. I did browse Craigslist for a while yesterday – it would be awesome to find these or something similar secondhand. Didn’t see anything, but furniture is being posted all the time. And that I can do from home. :-)

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