let the painting begin!

I have been watching the weather, anxious for it to be warm and dry enough to paint the outside of our house. It looks like next week is our week! After rain on Tuesday, here is the forecast for the rest of the week:

I will see if I can wash the area I’m going to be painting on Tuesday. It needs to dry for a full 24 hours, so after we pass that mark I can start painting. Here’s the plan:
* I’m going to touch up the paint around the door. I bought some paint that, according to the paint chip, is an almost exact match. We’ll see how it actually looks when it’s dry, but even if the color is slightly off, it has to look better than what’s there right now.
* I plan to paint the shutters a high-gloss black. (I still need to buy that paint.)
* After consulting with my aunt who has a talent for these things, I decided I’m going to paint the railing by the front door black as well. (Here is a picture of our house if you’re wanting to see it again.) I will paint the stoop the green to match the house, but I won’t be painting that until I see how the color looks around the front door.
* I am going to paint the front door a deep red, to bring attention to it. I probably will leave the storm door white for now – I think it would look odd painted red.
* There are two other things that need touched up, if the green is right. First, the wall behind where the sun porch used to be, and second the shed in the backyard. I’m excited about painting the shed because it is a very bright yellow right now, and sticks out like a sore thumb. :-) Of course, this is going to require the most paint so we’ll have to save up for it.